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Why Men Are Likely to Accept Casual Sex?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Both men and women yearn for sexual satisfaction, physically and emotionally. Today the trend of engaging in casual sex has seen a significant upsurge with more men and women getting into casual sex than ever before. This might be because casual sex offers novelty with something intrinsically sexy about getting into bed with a new person. While most people are still meeting each other in person, you can now find casual sex partner online via hookup sites and apps. People can easily connect with the real world of sex, where there are willing partners to join you for casual sex or one-night stands. Here you can find webcam girls keep you horny as you find a perfect partner for a casual date. Although both women and men are into casual sex, it’s no secret that men are more into it than women. Here is a look at some of the reasons why men are more likely to accept casual sex than women.

1. Men Are More Risk Takers

Another reason why men are more into casual sex than women is due to the typical male behavior of being risk-takers than women. This has a lot to do with how men have been raised up and mingled. Wanting casual sex involves risks, and men are more willing to take risks than women. Casual sex involves risk-taking as you are meeting a stranger who you know nothing about. Men are more likely to want a girl to come over to their room and visa versa. However, women tend to see more risks in day to day life and act accordingly to limit the risks. For most women, going to a strange man’s house could be risky. Overall, casual sex tends to be a low risk to men than women.

2. Men Are Less Choosy

According to research studies, women have a higher probability of accepting a bed request from an exquisite man than from a moderately unattractive man. On the other hand, men are less fussy about the allure of the one-night stand partner. This indicates that when it comes to casual sex, men lower their standards about the one-night stand partner while women raise their standards. Men want sex regardless of the attractiveness of the opposite sex; hence are more likely to accept casual sex while women are very selective on who they sleep with. This explains why most men won’t say no to a sex offer from a girl regardless of her physical attractiveness.

3. Women Value Emotional Connection Before Getting Intimate

While men are easily aroused by physical attraction, women often need to feel a strong emotional connection before getting into bed. When forced to get into bed with someone they don’t have an emotional bond, rather than feeling aroused, women feel exposed and uncomfortable. Although women consider physical attractiveness, what is most vital for them is the emotional connection. Men view sex as more physical than emotional, and they rarely get emotionally attached after having casual sex. Acting all romantic and sweet for men doesn't count anything. its just a rush pre-existing to sex, which leaves most women heart-broken. Whatever be the status, women be ready for consequences in case the fun encounter doesn’t continue.

4. Men Need Less Work to Be Satisfied

Naturally, most men can give themselves a fantastic orgasm with a higher percentage of females as they need less work to be satisfied. On the contrary, most women require more work to get an orgasm, which is only accomplished by a much smaller percentage of men. This shows why most women are only likely to accept casual sex with a man if they believe he can give them a satisfying orgasm.

5. Women Are Prone to More Risks

Sex is more of a risk for women than men. First, women usually couple with someone stronger and bigger than they will be putting themselves in a vulnerable position when they engage in casual sex with a man they have just met. The most of girls should keep safe and healthy. But some women crave danger, and those are few. Secondly, women are susceptible to contracting most STDs as they are repeatedly banged in a warm wet place over and over. It's the perfect environment for pathogens. When women sign up for casual sex, its like starring at a couple of dangers, including; hurting emotions, getting unwanted pregnant, physical abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. Although men can also contract infections, the chances and risks are far less as compared to women.

6. Society Still Judges Women More Harshly

Most societies view men who have sex with multiple women as heroes and respectable. On the contrary, girls and women in most parts of the world are subjected to stigmatization when they engage in sex with multiple partners. Although you might agree and disagree with the benefit of this stigmatization, the fact is that it exists. This has led to most women avoiding talking about it, let alone bragging about engaging in casual sex, with some even keeping it completely a secret if they do engage in it. This has resulted in most women avoiding casual sex to prevent being stigmatized by society. The sexual double standard between men and women shows the deeply ingrained assumptions and ideas. If the trend of more men being into casual sex, than women were to change, it would require loosening the hold of the stereotypes and norms, which unfortunately is likely to take generations.

7. It’s One of Top Men’s Fantasies

All men have various sexual fantasies that they wish to experience. Men love them that they can never give them up before they accomplish it. Casual sex is what men fantasy about because it's the main basis of making most of the sexual fantasies a reality. By getting into casual sex, men can accomplish most of their fantasies such as; domination, submission, experienced women, sex in public, and others. You can take this statement to the bank; most men, including the married one’s desire to have random sex with other ladies out there.


Here are some of the reasons why men are more into casual sex than women. Perhaps, casual sex is not essentially better, and women tend to appreciate that better than men. Regardless, casual sex is here to stay and its only becoming increasingly predominant across the world.

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