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Xmeets Review

Xmeets is a dating website for adults who are looking for a hookup or random sex. The site gives you a chance to interact with attractive women of a similar mindset. It is an ideal choice for people seeking a no strings attached (NSA) relationship as most of the users are in it have fun without any commitment. However, if you want to meet some beauties near your area for a casual relationship, this might be the site for you.
You want a dating site that meets your needs as well as unique taste. Towards this end, a review on Xmeets would come in handy. This article will help you make a more informed decision by going into details on the price, functionality, pros, cons, and a whole lot more.


Help you find partners for casual sex within a short time

Modernized design with a relatively user-friendly interface

Matching algorithm enabling you to find a match within seconds according to your preferences

After upgrading, you also get several adult movies for free


No app from Google Play, or App Store

No available free membership plan

High number of fake profiles and it isn't very easy to pick out the users since they are too many.


Seeking a no strings attached (NSA)

It is an ideal choice for people seeking a no strings attached (NSA) relationship as most of the users are in it have fun without any commitment.

Well- designed with a contemporary interface and up-to-date features

The site is well- designed with a contemporary interface and up-to-date features. It is built in this manner to smoothen the process for new users. Some of these add-ons are essential and facilitate the beauty of the entire process.

Voice and video chatting

With this feature, you can contact attractive females either through video or voice calls. The plus side is that they are available at all times and easy to use.


New users are required to answer a couple of questions that help you filter your most appropriate matches from the pool.


It is the main feature at, which lets the users spot a suitable match in seconds. You can kick off a conversation, and chances are you might get what you are looking for in suitable partners.

Price List

Available Now


Three-Day Trail is worth every dime spent with a trial run for three days marked at $8.90. The cost incurred in a day is set at $2.97

Starting at $29.95


premium account requires you to spend $29.95 every month. In three months, the fee is charged at $49.95, and for six months, the price is $69.90.

By this logic, a payment plan issued for a more extended period entitles you to a considerable discount. As a user, there is no fee charged when joining; however, it restricts the features you can access. Once you switch up your membership, you can use the added features.

Benefits of having a subscription

Having access to the premium account gives you an edge over the advanced search tools that ensure perfect matching with access to newer profiles. It also allows you to use mobile phone texting by Xmeets, gaining access to private friends’ videos and pictures. The paid membership plan also gives you unlimited profile views daily.

How it works

The sign-up procedure is straightforward and user-friendly with very minimal details required for registration. It could take up five to ten minutes to register as a user with You can start by visiting their registration page where you state your gender and specify the gender of those you wish to meet. After this, you will be required to give an email address, password, and username. 

When creating your bio, go for words that let other users get a feel of what you want. Lastly, you will need to state your location and birthday. That is pretty much what entails the registration at Xmeets. After this, you can go on to chat and create a profile.

Reasons to choose XMeets

Xmeets eliminates the hassle of manually searching for other members as the search filters offered by the site give accurate results giving you a variety of potential matches to match your preference within your location. Xmeets has a lot of members on the platform, sparking up your interest whenever you are seeking something different.


Xmeets has excellent features that are worth exploring along with the beautiful individuals who are looking to spice things up. You can always pay for a better membership experience and enjoy the enhanced features on this site.

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