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8 Best Casual Sex Sites for ONS and NSA Hookup

Updated: May 10, 2021

In the current era where ancient opinions are crumbling, casual sex is becoming the new normal.  Our lives have become stressful, and it’s already a lot of work to focus on oneself. Many people hence want to find ONS and NSA hookups with no commitments. Luckily, some sex sites are designed specifically with casual hookups in mind. However, with lots of hookup sites on the internet today, finding the best casual sex site is challenging. 

The internet has many hot sex sites promising to make your hook up life easier, while only a few of them even have enough members to make them worthwhile to use. To save you the hassle, we stepped on the grenades for you and identified the top best candidates for the casual sex sites worth your time and those you can choose for your NSA hookup. Here is a review of the 8 best casual sex sites for ONS and NSA hookups.  

1)    AdultFriendFinder 

Ranked as the number 1 choice for casual sex sites, AdultFriendFinder is indeed one of the famous and most effective FWB dating sites. It offers singles and swingers easy and quick hookups to satisfy their fetishes with an explicit visual interface to set the users' moods right. When you are seeking for FWD NSA dating, this website has a comprehensive profile and search choices that will enable you to get your right match. With more than seventy million members, you will find many opportunities, whether seeking single, threesomes, a unicorn, or any ONS, FWB, or NSA options.  

The site will also recommend potential nearby members so you can enjoy casual sex within a few hours. It is free to register to the site, but you need to subscribe to a paid subscription to get the most of all features. Once you join, you can get in dating scenes, engage in group chats, watch live videos, find local activities, and message privately, and so on. It even has sex academy options to aid you enhance your skills. It does not matter whether you are new to this or an experienced game player.

AdultFriendFinder will guide you to get what you want.


  1. An extensive loyal membership base.

  2. Various features of sexual self-expression.

  3. A very active social community . 

  4. Members have extremely extensive profiles.


  1. Paid membership to access all features.

  2. The user interface is not as simple as other sex sites.

2)   AshleyMadison 

AshleyMadison is the leading discreet casual affair dating site with more than sixty-five million members throughout the world. Famous for being an adultery-engrossed casual sex site, it’s an obvious and right choice for singles, married, and those in relationships looking for FWB, ONS, and NSA extramarital affair. Whether you are single or married, signing up on this site could be a perfect resource for no commitment sexual encounters. After you finish setting up your profile, fill details about what you are looking for, you can join the casual NSA forum. 

The site has easy to use navigational tools and format and a substantial amount of lively accounts, making it easy to search, get, and organize a casual date.  Due to its discreet nature, they have a great privacy feature that ensures all members' privacy. You can use a unique email, choose who views your pictures, and use a mask to protect your character. You can view members' profiles on the premium account, send them winks to mean you are interested in them, and even video calls with members. By the way, the age for most members on this site ranges from 35 to 55, so if you fall into this category, this is the best site for you.


  1. A huge user base.

  2. A user-friendly and straightforward layout.

  3. 24/7 customer support.

  4. Numerous communicating and interacting features. 


  1. No community-based features such as forums or chatrooms.

  2. No automatic matching features.

3)    Benaughty  

Benaughty is among the biggest and best sex sites worldwide. From its name, members come here seeking for a naughty, casual flirt and cybersex. You will immediately engage in the adult fun by registering as a member and filling in your sexual fetishes and preferences.  The website will get you a naughty partner with similar sexual preferences. 

The site uses SSL encryption technology to keep the member's information discreet while verifying every member. The fact that you can only receive messages and winks from members with profile photos allows you to see the person you are flirting with, making the connection and matching even faster. Benaughty is available in more than seventy countries with the most traffic from the US. 


  1. Easy navigation 

  2. Readily available customer support.

  3. Fast sign up process. 

  4. Has lots of members in more than ten countries.


  1. Has no mobile app.

4)    NoStringsAttached

Nostringsattached is certainly one of the fastest-growing NSA dating sites for NSA enthusiasts, but it also works fine for those seeking near me ONS and FWBs. It specifically takes care of sexual needs for single or married looking for a commitment-free encounter. Occasionally, a rapid sex encounter devoid of any commitments can salvage your long-term relationship or marriage. 

This site has innovative discrete options that allow you to discover private affairs through a mysterious profile and remote calls. With more than three million active members, and a good reputation that it has gained for 14 years, the site has successfully assisted lots of members to get NSA affairs.  As its name suggests, all the members have one common thing, a desire for pleasure and sex fantasies without attachments. 


  1. Easy to navigate and straightforward layout.

  2. Useful and detailed matching system.

  3. Complex privacy features.


  1. No mobile-friendly version.


Irregardless if you are married, solo, a group, is one of the excellent choices for you to get casual sex hookups. The site has more than 50 million members and is all about non-commitment sexual encounters, one-night-stands, no string attached, and casual sex. It features a wide array of sexy pictures, videos, and resources. This is one of the most community-oriented and interactive sites with a large and active membership base and many sites features, making it ideal for those interested in ONS, FWB, or NSA.  

Passion is free to use for standard membership and offer you an extra three months for free if you don't get your match. Also, the site offers you group video options and Passion's cam models if you have other forms of entertainment. However, you will need an upgraded membership to view full versions of profiles, including photos. With online and real-world interactions, this sex site can work for anyone.  


  1. A massive profile database  for real people.

  2. A straightforward layout for easy navigation.

  3. A lot of people for a high probability of  finding your match.


  1. No automatic matching with your perfect match.

  2. A little expensive subscription plans. 

6)    SexFinder 

SexFinder is another top casual dating website based in the UK. However, its vast membership base of more than forty million users is spread globally, guaranteeing you success in finding a casual hookup around your place. The website is filled with all the naughty preferences you are searching for in a casual hookup, a couple in an open relationship, a swinger, horny housewives, and all other sex fantasy seekers. If you are interested in meeting some sexy locals for an ONS or NSA relationship, SexFinder is one of the best sex sites for you.  

The site allows users to create a personal profile with a photo with relevant information, including gender, age, and preferences that help it match you with compatible members. You will also be able to interact with others through messages, chats, and video calls. 


  1. Great features that are quick and easy to grasp. 

  2. An always available customer support.

  3. Many active members with a common interest. 

  4. Availability of video chat.


  1. No free trial period.

  2. You have to pay to enjoy premium features.

7)    Fling


Fling - The site claims to be the world’s best casual sex website for swingers, lesbians, gays, ONS, NSA, FWB and more to find sex. With an enormous number of registered accounts, joining this dating site gives you a get laid guarantee. It provides a feature-rich option with cybersex tools, matching, and many customizations that work for all your needs, including; FWBs, ONS, and NSA hookup. However, you will need to subscribe to a paid membership to enjoy all these functions. 

Fling has a 24/7 customer support for any questions or issues you might need help with. With the discrete profile alternatives, you can keep your identity undercover and enhance some anonymous in your casual dating life. Additionally, Fling is accessible in android and iOS, meaning you can enjoy casual hookups even when you are out of town. Sign up on this site today, and pleasure is assured.  


  1. 24/7 customer care support

  2. A huge user base

  3. Available for both android and IOS.


  1. Requires paid membership to access all features.

8)    Flirt


If you are searching for a sex site that offers you several possibilities, including NSA hooking up, harmless flirting, or even matching with your perfect soulmate, Flirt is your best option. After an easy registration process, you can get into the world of casual dating hookups where thousands of members looking for similar sexual fantasies are available. Here, you are certain to meet many exciting people who match your age preference, taste, location, physical appearance, and sexual fantasies. With a huge membership base, the chances of find lots of casual date matches are enormous, and the dating is safe and secure.

Moreover, the site is free, so do not hesitate to give it a shot.


  1. Free registration available.

  2. Security features for the safety and privacy of members. 

  3. Free members can send up to five messages a day.

  4. Women can reply for free.


  1. Lacks a mobile app.

  2. Men will require to pay for the membership. 

Are Casual Sex Sites Safe?

Consider casual sex sites like they are clubs or bars. The management and owners can impose particular rules and remove revolting characters, but they can only do so much to guard patrons against each other. Similarly, you have to play your part to keep safe when flirting and soliciting casual sex encounters in public places.

On online hookup sites, singles can stay safe as long as they stay alert and take reasonable precautions. Hence, you should analyze your best online chatting matches and only agree to have the first dates in public places. Once you are comfortable with the person, you can then consider taking things into a more private locale. However, you should note that you have not actually met the individual until you meet your hookup date in person, so you should maintain caution. As an online dater survey stated, generally, websites are safe as the person visiting.  But wildly clicking on the website's links with no thought can quickly and easily put you in some trouble.

What does it mean of "NSA," "ONS," "M4M", "W4M", "W4W", "and FWB."

Dating has developed its own code language such as "NSA," "ONS," "M4M", "W4M", "W4W", "and FWB"  that can be difficult for newcomers to translate. If you are interested in one or more of these types of hookups, it is essential that you truly comprehend what people think or mean when they write these abbreviations in their profile. Most of these terms, you will find on dating profiles refer to the person's relationship goals or sexual orientation. 

ONS (One Night Stand), refers to meeting up with somebody for onetime sex encounter without intentions of meeting again. It is essential to understand that you expect to have no contact after the night stand because the individual also doesn’t expect you to cross paths again. 

NSA stands for No Strings Attached. This can be a good option when seeking a one night sex encounter, but you also want a possibility to meet with that individual another time. Nevertheless, there is no a committed relationship between you two, meaning you have no obligation to reply to the NSA anytime they contact you by phone or message, which also applies to them. You will encounter for casual sex and perhaps make it a recurrent thing, but none of you aims to start a serious connection further than the instants you meet up. 

FWB means Friends with Benefits. Here, both of you agree that you should hook up regularly without any concerns about romantic involvement or commitment. There is no pressure for both of you to respond, meet up, and so on. You are friends who meet for sex, but you are not in a romantic relationship and commitment. 

M4M stands for 'Men looking for men.' This is meant for bisexuals and gays seeking to explore your sexual fetishes. Today, there are lots of M4M sites available on the internet, making it easy to find the right partner for your sexual kinks. W4M is a simple abbreviation for woman for man, which means that a female is looking for a man. The woman could either be expressing an interest in men for casual hookup or dating. W4W stands for women for women. This simply means women seeking lesbian women to satisfy their sexual fantasies. 

How do you find someone on a casual hookup site?

Finding your online match or crush on a casual hookup site is very easy. It is only as simple as typing, ‘hi! How are you?' and click the send option. It’s not the most romantic or complimentary comment, but you have conveyed interest and made contact, and that all you need to get the ball rolling.

You don’t have to overthink your first message. You might be tempted to say some charming lines or type some shrewd jest, but hookup experts recommend that you be real and just drop the pickup lines. Most singles can tell an insincere compliment, and they will only snarl at an overused joke. You should hence be straightforward and say something true. Some dating sites advise their members to avoid making physical compliments during an initial approach.

According to statistics, these message types had less probability of getting a reply. It also reveals that it’s a wise idea to ask a question or mention a specific interest to give your date a thing to reply to. Most casual dating sites recommend their members to go straight to the point rather than dwelling too much on the initial message. In general, as long as you are reasonably coherent and polite, you will be fine to get someone in a casual hookup site. 


Today, about half of all singles have no problem in having sexual encounters without making promises about the future. Casual dating provides a lot of short-term excitement and pleasure and does not take much effort to have something going. The best thing about it is that it makes you free to explore what works for you and what does not, so ensure to take complete advantage of that. The casual sex sites on this list will fulfill your needs and open you to memorable and new sexual experiences.  Join one of these sites today and explore your sexuality without commitments or any strings attached. 

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