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SwingLifestyle Review

For the last 19 years, SwingLifestyle has been claiming to be the best site for swing lifestyle. It has been a home for open sexual minded people from across the globe. The site offers its members an option to practice non-conventional arrangements and relationships. It is a site for networking, with opportunities to be in groups, events, and forums based on swing lifestyle. It’s easy to operate a website with simple features, but is it worth your cash? The following is a SwingLifestyle review to determine whether it is a scam or legit.


Advertise yourself as available on a particular day

Long-time experience in the dating field

Operational from almost all parts of the world

Cheap in comparison to other dating sites


Private system is not reliable

A bit expensive


Extensive user base

the extensive user base that increases your chances of meeting the perfect match

Secure with your data

The site is also secure with your data. Its policies restrict unauthorized access to personal data.

Hundreds of groups and clubs

It also features hundreds of groups and clubs, making it easy to interact with people of similar minds.

Cheap subscription services

It offers cheap subscription services that suit almost all members of the website.

Price List

Available Now


Standard member

SwingLifestyle comes with a free membership account. Such an account allows users to create their profile pages, upload photos, and search for the favorites. With a free membership subscription, however, you stay limited to most of the features.

Starting at $14.95


They also offer 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscriptions at $14.95, $9, 66, $8.16, and $5.75 respectively per month. Long subscriptions help the users to save up to 62% of what they could pay with a one-month subscription.

Benefits of using SwingLifestyle

In using this website, swingers can meet people of the same mind. As a result, they can appreciate their sexuality and have time to enjoy their lives. One added advantage of using this website is the enhanced security of a couple’s data. As a result, it suits most of its users.

How it works

To start using the SLS website, you’ll need to sign-up, a process that is fast and simple to follow. It requires users to describe their sexual fantasies, and experiences, age, location, and preferences. That enables easy filtering of the favorite list. It allows you to send messages privately, and you can also conduct instant message chats with the rest of the group members. One can also consider joining clubs, groups, and forums. The search is easy to go by and offers the best experiences.

Reasons for Using SwingLifestyle

You should consider selecting SwingLifestyle if you love the swing lifestyle. It’s also perfect for those who want to find couples that they can travel with as they explore the world. If you’re ashamed of searching for swingers in public, you can consider using this website. It’s a perfect site for user’s privacy details.


Swinger lifestyle is perfect with SwingLifestyle. Most of the SwingLifestyle reviews show that the site has been perfect for users of all races. The site is home for attractive features that make it simple to swing with beautiful excellent couples. It is a legit page for swings, and its design is simple to understand. Money spent on subscriptions is worth the risk.

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