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adultfriendfinder.jpg Review is an adult dating site that allows you to meet up with some of the best local singles. It prides itself on being one of the most sensual options for people seeking love. It comes in handy for the young, old, attractive, and erotically disposed persons. Whether you are a couple or singles, this is your one-stop site. With its steamy hookups and array of features, you will find it easier to explore your sensual fantasies here.


Its user interface is friendly across multiple platforms. Besides, it comes with a comprehensive desktop site that you will navigate with much ease

It is much easier to get a partner who is more sensual in nature

This site is more social, an aspect that its voting and point systems tend to amplify

It is much easier to use


Limited features unless you pay for full membership

Relatively weak preferences settings when you want to customize your matches

It features no reliable mobile app

Relatively pricey for some potential members.


My Stuff

It comes with a section called My Stuff, where all your activities will be organized and neatly so. With this feature, it will be more convenient for you to track your interactions and history. It will also come in handy in highlighting your recent blog activities.

Votes and points

It has a votes and points feature. With this feature, there is a sense of fun and better interaction. Members who receive the highest number of upvotes will be featured in the What’s Hot section.

Virtual gifts

You will purchase these fun gifts in the message center.

Live webcam

It would be fun to watch various live recordings from members. Usually, such shows tend to be sensual.

Adult Movie

You will also find the Adult Movie in Demand section. You will be free to stream this adult content whenever you please.

Kink Search

It comes with the Kink search feature that allows you to filter matches based on your preferred sexual preferences.

Price List

Available Now


Standard Member

Usually, you will be free to create an account for free.

Start at $20

Gold Member

However, if you want to enjoy all the features, you will need to pay a subscription fee. Whereas this site is not the cheapest among dating platforms, it assures you of value for your money. You will part with $20 monthly as a subscription fee. However, you could choose to pay $180 for a whole year, a move that saves you about 25%.

What can you find here? 

Are you looking forward to exploring your sensual fantasies? This place is the best. It prides itself on a vast database of active users who are ready to showcase their sensual side. You will have a selection of over 36M users. It is the right avenue for sexual encounters.

How it works

Joining this site involves one of the most straightforward processes. You will first need to select your sexual orientation, and of those whom you want to meet. You will then fill in your basic information. You will then write down a headline and indicate your marital status. 
With this site, you will be sure of numerous ways of discovering others and even make new connections. You could search matches by their names or location. Feel free to opt for advanced searches where you can confirm their availability for relocation or even swinging style. You can also search by kinks like sex toys, bondage, or play rating games. Connect with whoever suits you best. 
Further, you will have access to a chatroom. It assures you of enhanced safety.

Reasons to choose 

This website assures you of access to many potential partners. Whether you are looking for a casual relationship or a life partner, you will hardly miss the right choice. Besides, you will enjoy improved safety and security. It protects your information from any compromises. Moreover, you will access newsfeed highlights on trending members.


You can hardly doubt how reliable is. Whereas the subscription fee could be relatively pricey for some people, it is not a regrettable venture. And did you know that it scooped the top spot for the sexy dating site between 2007 and 2014? Get to explore!

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