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10 Tips for Men Having a Casual Sex

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Most men regularly fantasize about hookups and casual sex. Some men will be lucky to experience hookups on several occasions, while some will only dream about the likelihood. For men who want to experience the intrigue and excitement of a casual hookup, there are things that you need to do right to pull off a great one-night stand. Here is an exclusive look at several tips for men having casual sex.

1. Be Honest

While there are lots of ways of finding a hookup for casual sex, for example you can find a sex partner through craigslist personals alternatives for casual encounters, one of the methods should never be being dishonest about your intents. Be honest and say you want to keep things casual from the start. If you eventually want more than a hookup, be open and communicate it directly. Also, ask her about her desire and expectation upfront to ensure there are no disappointments or hurt feelings later.

2. Look and Be Your Best

Most of the women seeking casual sex or a hookup judge their potential matches mostly on their looks before looking at their personality. You need to prepare for casual sex by cleaning up well and dressing elegantly so that you become noticeable from across the room. Whether you approach her or she approaches you, be a friendly, smile, and charming. Give her your full attention by showing you are interested in her and what she says.

3. Pick Your Target Wisely

For a successful casual hookup, you will need to start by choosing your sex partner currently before you get to bed. It begins at the restaurant, bar, or anywhere you like working your magic. Pick a person to who you feel powerfully sexually attracted to. Picking the wrong fucking partner will doom the liaison. For instance, choosing your workmate or close friend comes with massive risks, which will often be messy. Picking a phycho will be getting a bomb that is almost busting while a person with a feeling for you will be quick to lay to bed but difficult to get out of it. You should hence exercise caution on the person you choose for a nightstand as it can save you a lot of trouble afterward.

4. Establish Some Basic Ground Rules

Congratulations on finding a willing partner for a casual hookup. If it is only one-night stand in bed, you can proceed freely. However, if you hope that the arrangement will be ongoing, you need to set up some rules. Mutually agree on things like how often you will have the casual sex, the protection protocol, whether it's a secret or not, activities you will be engaging in both sexually and non-sexually, and what will happen if feelings change for either of you. Most men bring it up too late, often hurting the girl. To avoid this, bring out early enough in an optimistic manner for everyone to understand where they stand and what they want.

5. Make Her Enjoy Too

It's vital that you consider her enjoyment by giving her attention too. For the best casual sex between both parties, its essential to ensure that you get an enthusiastic yes from her not only for sex but also any new activity that you get into during the hookup. Although it’s true that continually asking whether this or that is okay might make things feel less sexy, getting consent serves as an excellent way to go about it. This involves paying attention to her physical and verbal cues so that she acts and looks like she is into it. Being in casual sex does not mean you should withhold your respect for her feelings. If she is enjoying herself, you will have a good time too.

6. Consider Having Some Lube

Lube is a paramount item for casual hookups. It provides a smoother experience for you and your partner. Most women find themselves getting dry down there during casual sex that you might keep using spit. You should hence consider carrying some lube just in case and do not be afraid to offer it up or use lubed condoms. This will make casual sex more enjoyable for both parties.

7. Hold the Romance

Casual sex is not the right place for an extreme romantic foreplay. This is not the time to recite your poetry to her, play love songs on your piano, or draw a bubble bath in a candle-lit bathroom. You should instead save such romance for your lifetime causal sex partner who has all the time to listen to your words. A casual hookup is very fragile and short-lived to bear the weight of such romantic activities.

8. Keep Prepared by Bringing and Using Protection

There is a high probability that you won’t have a conversation about the status of STIs until when it’s time to get to business. It is important to keep safe and healthy when the girl have a casual sex. No women like to be in a situation where a guy does not have a condom or thinks it’s not necessary to use. Hence do not want as a man to be in this situation after doing all the pickup work. Be smart, and have more than one condom with you. There is no reason not to be prepared and risk of contracting an STD or unplanned pregnancy. If you are worry about it, you can test regularly STD.

9. Unless You Feel Like It, Don’t Be Yourself

Your causal sex partner doesn't know how you are like in bed. Casual sex hence allows you not to be yourself. Take advantage of it to try something new such as being extra dirty and reinventing yourself in bed. In the one-night stand, you can make an ass of yourself as she does not know anything about how you are usually like in bed and might even never see you again. Relish this freedom and explore your sexual fantasies.

10. Spend Some Time After the Hookup

After having casual sex, don't just go away when the action is over. It is good to be a gentleman and ask her if you want to spend some time together. As compared to men, women love to spend some extra time together after a hookup, even if it's falling asleep and spending the night together. It’s just not right to kick out someone at 5 a.m. prepare them a decent coffee cup in the morning, at least. Ensure to spend some non-sexual time together before you head out with some dignity and grace.


As a man, pulling off great casual sex is a challenge because a lot of things can go wrong between the first hi to the next day. However, we hope these tips will help you to perfect how you go about your next hookup.

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