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Spdate Review

Spdate is one of the hookup and casual dating sites and platforms that one can find around. Well, are you a sexually adventurous person, yet single? Are you a fan of casual dating? There could never be a better place for you to explore your fantasies and even get a partner than through these platforms. 
Spdate is operated by Digital Intrnational Inc, in Cyprus. It aims at helping in finding casual partners. But, the big question will often be whether you are familiar with the site you want to use. In this light, we take an in-depth analysis of what this platform, Spdate, offers.


This platform is relatively more comfortable to use. It comes with an unmatched user interface that is not only friendly but also easier to navigate.

Unlike other dating sites, you will not pay for this platform. Every user here has equal access to premium benefits. Besides, you do not need to worry about costly gifts. You do not pay to chat or get images too.

It is much friendly to other social media and network platforms. You will be free to log in with whichever social network app that suits you best.

Finding a partner will not be a hassle. Besides, this platform prides itself on over 700,000 subscribers. Daily, you will be sure of over 500,000 active users.

Assures you of enhanced safety as well as anti-scam

The sign-up process is relatively straightforward


This site does not offer reviews and testimonials. This way, it is relatively hard to get invaluable insights or even point out what they need to adjust

Usually, Spdate creates fake profiles or bots. As such, you are likely to receive multiple messages from various accounts within minutes of creating an account. This feature could be disheartening to some people

There is no definite way to contact customer care. With such, you could find it hard to make complaints, or even compliment them

There are hardly any Spdates for women


Special sex requests

It allows for special sex requests. However, you need to be careful not to end up clicking on the wrong link.

Highlights Top Users

It also highlights Top Users. It highlights the most popular users within that area or time.


There is also a discovery feature. It allows you to explore and like the photos of people you find interesting.

Price List

Available Now


Standard Member

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to pay any subscription fee. The site is free for you to access. Besides, there will be no need for you to worry about inside-currency.

Starting at $39.99

Premium member

However, if you want the VIP experience, you will have to part with $39.99 monthly.

What can you find here

Well, SPDate is not entirely dating site. It is more like a speed dating experience and an avenue for casual relationships. In this light, it will not be the ideal platform for you if you are after getting a serious relationship.

How it works

Registration for this site is straightforward. Usually, you will register with your email address. However, there will be no mail verification. Remember, this site has no login page. As such, once you log out, you will not get your account again. 
You will be free to make contact with members at no extra cost. The site comes with a chat feature that allows you to send photos too. However, you have to be sure that you are talking to a real person. When receiving a message, you will see the location of the sender. This way, you will be sure of establishing the exact distance between you two. Feel free to meet your desired partner, but be cautious. 

Reasons to choose Spdate

Spdate is a reliable platform for you to find a sex partner and even get into casual relationships. It assures you of various free services, including opening accounts, browsing photos, viewing profiles, and also sending messages. Did you know that you will be open to sending as many messages as you feel? It also comes with the best user interface and design. This way, you will navigate the website without too much hassle.


To sum up, most people are coming to this site because it is free. While some are disappointed by the fake profiles, most will walk away smiling, and with partners. Such is the right site for you if you are afraid of commitment.

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