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DownApp Review

DOWN is the most honest dating app - and the #1 hookup app to meet locals nearby. People get to choose whether they want a casual relationship or a more serious one. DOWN’s goal is to make the world a more open-minded, sex-positive place where singles can express themselves freely and find what they really want.
The app is free on both Android and iOS. For more details, visit 

The DOWN dating app is a renowned and reliable dating and hookup site. It has a user base of over 8 million people. Rest assured that you will find what you need whether love or hookup on the platform.

DOWN is a great tool to find a partner. It allows you to find like-minded individuals that are either looking for love, casual sex, hookups, friends with benefits, etc, by interacting and sharing content. If you are looking to try something new and different from the normal or looking to satisfy your sexual fantasies and innate desires with the right person, then Down is one of the options you can explore since there are hardly fake profiles on the platform. You can get down your desired person with just a click.

Although installing the app is free, all you need is to go to your Google play store or apple store and download the app. There are packages that suit your purpose for the app. If you don't mind being limited to 10 profiles per day you can use the free version of Down. If you'd like to increase the volume and get a few extra perks, you can proceed to sign up for the premium membership.


Registration is easy, fast, and seamless

Free to join

Available for both Apple and Android devices

Members are genuine

Privacy is a priority

Simple user interface

Fair and easy matchup even for free users


The Premium version is costly compared to other dating apps

You cannot change your location without a Premium membership

It does not offer in-depth info on profiles

80% of the users are men


We already looked at the user interface of the down mobile dating app which is a bundle of unique user experiences. It is different from other online platforms with its unique features. For example, it does not have a skip button.

Below are the key features of the DOWN app:

Swipe Up

Swiping up is an indication that you are ready to hook up with the user. When you swipe up on a profile, the profile will be marked with a blue circle, and you can view the profiles you've swiped up in the Visitors section.

Furthermore, you can undo your swiping if you want by going to the Visitors section and choose the profile you want to swipe down on instead of up.

Swipe Down

Swiping down is a play of words. It is an indication that you are down to meet a user. When you swipe down on a profile, the profile will be colored with a red circle, and you can view who you've swiped down on in the Visitors section. The whole point of doing this is to let other members know your intentions before you even start talking.

Swiping Left/Right

If you swipe right on a profile, it means that you don't have interest in them, but you can always swipe left to undo your swipe. This feature gives you the chance to think about who you are going to swipe up or down to. It is likable because and you don't have to do it right away. Instead, you can have a look at all of the 10 profiles you get every day and see the members that suit your desire.

Preferences Filter

The filter option for your preferences is not complicated. If you have a premium account, you can choose to change your location, set the age range, and search for either female, male, or users of both genders.


When you finally get a match with someone, the next line of action is to send them a message. The chat inbox has a simple interface and only allows you to send texts and not images. In case you are not comfortable with these limitations, you can exchange phone numbers and continue your conversation elsewhere. From the chat, you can view the person's profile and check if they have read your message or not.


The last feature of the Down dating app is the Visitors section. When you click on the Visitors button, you will see the members that viewed your profile. If you swipe right, you will see the members you swiped. It is worthy to note that you will need to be a Premium user to see the members that visited you.

Profile boost

The feature is only available for users who don't have any visitors yet.


Overall, the DOWN dating app is not the cheapest dating app on the internet. Even after the monthly subscription, you still pay for additional features. The VIP Down cost is $19.99 per month, and you will still have to pay before you can access additional premium features.

With the VIP premium membership you will get the following:

  1. Unlimited profiles each day

  2. You can change your location at any time

  3. You can send people messages before you match them

  4. You can see people who swiped you

Below are some of the extra features you can purchase:

  1. Getting a profile boost costs $4.99.

How the Down App Works

You would have to create an account to get into the app. The signup process is quick and easy. During the registration process, you would be required to sign up using either your phone number or your Facebook. This is just for validation; your profile will not appear on your Facebook wall.

Once you are in, you put in your preferences for the opposite sex, and the platform starts matching you to your preferences. You only need to swipe up or swipe down to say if you are interested in dating or you want to hook up. The app notifies the other user of your interest in case they are interested too.

The Down app offers elements of surprise and fun. It takes cognizance of your safety and privacy, and you get total control of your affairs.


The DOWN dating app is a square playground for casual daters and hookers. However, it is not an ultimate balance because it tilts in favor of hookup than dating. It allows for physical attraction. Although this may not be very deep on the emotional scale of things, it is more realistic, at least on the casual hookup side of things.

Down is a sleek and modern dating app. The site is one of the best dating sites you will find. The platform is straight to the business and cuts through fluffs. If you do not have the time or lack the skills to hunt for a partner, this application will significantly make life easier for you. It's either you go down with your match or go on a date. Nothing except that.

This app is the online place of choice for people that want to satisfy their sexual fantasy and urge.  It is perfect to fit your sexual and relationship desires. Meet the love of your life with Down.

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