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How to Gain Girl's Trust to Get Her into The Bed

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The first thing that you need to accept is that we men require to go through a different process when it comes to sex as compared to women. For women, it’s easy to attract men for sex as most men are likely to accept casual sex with a girl simply based on her beauty. Most men will have sex with a physically attractive woman, even though they don't like her character.

However, most girls don't operate that way. The majority of women will have sex with a guy based on their personality and if they trust them. So, if you don't seem to get to the next phase of the date when you go out with a girl, there is something you are not doing right. Most women want to trust you and have a buildup of sexual tension before they accept to fuck you. Here is an exclusive guide on how to gain a girl’s trust to get her into bed.

1. Find Out Her Needs

An excellent seller always gets to figure out the needs of the buyer so that she knows that you understand what she needs and wants. You might begin to get to know a girl by asking her about herself, but she will often tell you the outermost stuff. Most women will respond to the question with pretty standard things about wanting to be happy, a good companion, and things like that. This simply means she has no idea what she needs. It’s your task to inspire her to know what she needs by teasing out her real dream and motivations early on. This way, you will start winning her trust.

2. Meet Her Needs

This is the next step after identifying her needs is to meet her needs. Don't misunderstand me; what I mean is showing her how you can meet her needs without telling her expressly. This is personifying in yourself the things that she needs, such as being the rock to lean on when she is going through a hard time. If she needs a sense of excitement, adventure, or freedom in her life, give her that in your conversation and interaction with her. This way, you will be closing in to earn her trust and to take her in bed.

3. Make Your Intentions Clear from The Start

One of the mistakes that most men keep repeating is hiding their intentions when they first approach a girl. However, the best way to gain her trust is to make your intentions clear from the get-go. However, don’t raise her hopes into believing you want a dating relationship if you what her for a one-night stand or online hookup. While you might deceive her successfully and get her into bed, this is not ethical. In case you are already in a relationship, be transparent on how serious it is. You simply need to be straightforward about your intentions to the girl so that if she chooses to stick on, she knows what you want.

4. Don’t Rush Things

Most men have this issue, and that's why they fail terribly in getting a girl to bed. They jump on a girl like a predator after immediately noticing her slightest interest in them. However, doing this often scares her away. Converse with her, get to know her, and build some connection. Women require mental stimulation, and skipping this step will make her realize that you only want to take her to bed.

5. Introduce Her to Your Friends

If you want a girl to feel secure and trust you more, introduce her to your friends or even family members. This is one way of making her feel important to you and that you are not keeping anything from her. This is a sure bet to earn her trust and smash her.

6. Express Your Trust to Her

One of the tricks to get her to trust you is showing that you trust her. You can do this by relying on her to fulfill the things she is or by revealing more of yourself. However, do not expect that she will immediately start to trust you like you have shown trust in her. Also, ensure you do not keep secrets from her that may impact the relationship if she finds out. You don’t want her to lose the trust you are trying to cultivate.

7. Never Break Promises

In whatever flaws you can make, never make a promise to a girl that you won't fulfill. Breaking a commitment to a girl will disappoint her, and she will start seeing you as a liar. It will be difficult for her to trust you again, let alone offering to sleep with you. You should hence be cautious about the vows you make to her and ensure you fulfill them.

8. Address Objections Without Getting Logical

During seduction, being logical will alarm a woman that you are devious. When she tries to be cautious and bring objections, the best thing is addressing these concerns with charm and confidence. She most likely only needs some soothing words from you to relax and give herself up to intimacy. Just say it with a sexy smile and a sexy voice, and you will ultimately have her trust and have her all for yourself in bed. This is one way on how to keep safe when girls have a casual sex.

9. Evaluate when to Start Then Back Off

This approach involves pushing forward with things, and then you pull back suddenly. This works well, especially with the kinds of things that the girl thinks that you aren't ready to do yet. Give her a manly peck on the lips even if she resists or pulls back a little and then completely let her go and regress to normal chilling. You want her to feel free and in control to either leave or stay if she wants to. More so, these make your intentions clearer to her without telling her, which makes her a lot more comfortable. After a brief break, resume and then take another break. Do this until she is sure it's what she wants, she has trusted you and both of you get into bed.


Making her trust you and eventually get her to bed should be easy if you know what you are doing. With these tips, you will quickly gain a girl's trust and get her to bed that she will be amazed at how it happened. A girl needs to feel safe around you by trusting you before you can get her to bed.

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