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All You Need To Know Before Hooking Up With Someone You Met Online

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We live in a world where hooking up isn’t a big deal and more than two-thirds of young adults under the age of 25 hooked up with someone at least once. With the evolution of the internet and various technologies, it’s easier than ever to find a person to hook up with.

There are many hookup sites on the internet and millions of people have created their online profiles and started browsing people in their area. Some sites cover a specific country while others cover the entire world. People who travel often use these sites to meet people from the cities they’re travelling with, and for many, it’s the best thing about frequent travel.

Finding A Hookup Online

As mentioned, there are hundreds of hookup sites online and it’s currently one of the most popular ways of meeting people. These sites include profiles with a lot of information and as soon as you find someone you like, you can send them an instant message and chat for a while until you’re sure that the person in question is right for you.

To do this, you’ll need to create your online profile as well. Many people either lie about their name, location or even upload pictures from other people so their friends and acquaintances wouldn’t recognize them. This is the biggest mistake you can make. You don’t need to use your real name, but when it comes to the pictures, you should definitely use recent ones because people change and you surely wouldn’t appreciate meeting someone who doesn’t look anything like the person from the pictures based on which you made your decision to contact that person.

You should also be honest when it comes to your likes and dislikes as well. When you have a profile on a hookup site, you should expect others to reach out to you as well, and the short bio you write will tell them a lot about you, what you like and don’t like.

Finding A Hookup At A Club Or Bar

In recent times, finding a hookup at a club or bar has become less popular than it was before. Because everything is available online, so is finding a hookup and people stopped approaching others in person. Many are shy, some fear rejection, but it’s all part of the game. Sometimes you’ll hit it off with a person right away, while sometimes you’ll get rejected so badly you’ll want to leave the place right away. Reaching out to potential hookups online has become the new trend and people are more comfortable talking online.

If you decide you want to try your luck with someone in person, you should know that your appearance is the first thing your potential partner will notice. When it comes to hookups, the most important thing is how you look so make sure everything is on point before you make your approach. As soon as the other person notices you, you need to play it cool, be confident and go for what you want. If you beat around the bush too much, you’ll lose any possibility of ending up in bed with the person you approached and you actually risk being friend-zoned the first day that you met them. Be honest and tell them straight-forward what you want!

Don’t Get Your Emotions Involved

The biggest mistake people make when hooking up is getting emotionally involved. Many people hook up because they’re unsatisfied with their sex life or just need someone to satisfy their needs. Although many started their relationships by hooking up, the vast majority of people aren’t looking for an emotional relationship with their hookup.

Because emotions aren’t something you can control, as soon as you notice you started having feeling for your hookup, be straight-forward with them and tell them about your feelings. It can go two ways – either you’ll stop seeing each other or the feeling is mutual so you’ll continue your relationship but not just physically.

Always Use Protection

You probably already know this, but we have to mention that using protection is the most important thing when it comes to hooking up with someone. Because hookups occur between two (or sometimes more) strangers, you never know is the other person has any kind of STD. Using a condom will prevent you from getting STDs and unwanted pregnancies. When it comes to protection, you shouldn’t even ask your partner about it, you should always insist on using it, no matter if it’s your first time hooking up or hundredth time!

Be Discreet No Matter What

Hookups don’t necessarily happen between two single people every time. Sometimes, married people hook up with other married people and this kind of hookup happens such as threesome dating or swinger hookup, discretion between partners is the most valuable thing. You always need to remember that hooking up was only to satisfy your primal urges and nothing else. The same applies to the person you hooked up with.

Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of It

When it comes to hookups, many people like bragging about them. The more they brag, the more they think about it. This usually leads to calling too much and becoming obnoxious. If you’ve made a deal with your hookup to meet once in every two weeks, for example, that’s all you should expect. Nothing more, nothing less. You should also avoid calling or even going to the places you know he or she will usually hang out at so there wouldn’t be any awkwardness between you. This can easily lead to people realizing something is going on.

Even if your partner notices that you’re overly excited to meet them, they can quickly get cold feet and run away. People tend to break up hookups when they feel their partner is getting emotionally involved because emotions bring all the things that people hate in relationships, such as jealousy and constant calls or texts.

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