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Rate My Selfie in Black & White from Real People on BWFinder

Rate my selfie in black & white, rate my picture and rate me on BWFinder
Rate my selfie in black & white, rate my picture and rate me on BWFinder

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Rate my selfie in black & white from 100% real people. Or want to know how attractive am I? A new website called BWFinder is giving selfie-takers a chance to get candid and honest ratings and from 100% real people on their black & white photos. The "Rate Me" feature allows people to upload a selfie picture and score 1-10 rating from others on the site.

"We wanted to create an honest and real site for people who want to know how attractive are they, it is not easy to rate my picture from real people, there are lots of AI ratings, but it is only a bot," said Michael, founder of BWFinder. "Our site provides real and constructive ratings and feedback to help you take better selfies and get to rate my picture well."

You can take a selfie and wait for others to rate your photos in black & white. The photo is then shown to a random selection of site members who can leave a star rating from 1-10 and add comments and likes. Your score will be shown on your profile once other members rate your selfie or picture.

"The rating has been so helpful for knowing my selfie and outlooks, it really helps me rate me from real people," said one user. "I get more confidence and glory."

With the rise in the popularity of selfies of ratings across social media, the creators of BWFinder wanted to provide a platform just for selfie takers to help them get real ratings from real people rather than AI. The rate my selfie site includes tips and tricks for taking great selfies as well as the option to browse and rate others' selfies.

"We think this will help selfie lovers up their black & white photos," Michael said. "It's a great way to get honest rates from real people so you can take selfies with confidence."

Check out to rate my selfie, rate me, and be rated today!

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