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Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites for Positive Singles

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

People living with herpes face discrimination in the dating world, and it becomes a problem for them to disclose their condition to potential partners. They could find it hard to find someone who could understand their situation, and they could be comfortable finding someone with the same condition. Fortunately, there are many herpes dating sites which provide anonymity, shame-free dating environment to people living with both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection that is highly contagious, and single people with herpes are more likely to face romantic rejection and stigmatization.

When you join a herpes dating site, you do not have to worry about disclosing your condition to potential partners as they could be having herpes themselves. These dating sites for people with herpes could value your privacy, and if you have insecurities with your diagnosis, the dating sites will not share the information with third parties. Here you will be at liberty to contact other people living with herpes, flirt with them, and enjoy dating someone with herpes while keeping your privacy. Some of these HSV dating sites are strictly meant for people with herpes, but some might allow other people with other sexually transmitted infections. Here are top 10 herpes dating sites to help positive singles find friends and partner. 

1)    Positive Singles


PositiveSingles is the leading of dating sites for people living with herpes, here you would be sure to find positive singles who are living with herpes, STD, HSV-1, HSV-2. The site ensures that your data is confidential, and it offers anonymity, and it gives you the liberty to tell your potential partners about your condition. Each member would receive advice from a dating advisor who can help them understand their circumstance and how to live positively with HSV. Moreover, members can access chat rooms where they could get more information about different sexually transmitted conditions, and this makes it easy to avoid awkward conversations. The site as its an intuitive matching system that can filter members according to the sexually transmitted infections. 


  1. PositiveSingles offers free memberships, and one can choose to get a paid membership, which can provide a lot of extra benefits. 

  2. PositiveSingles will not freely disclose to members about your status if you choose to have a ‘quick exit button’ where members could be redirected to a different page, especially if you feel you could have noisy people visiting your profile. 

  3. You could get more support on positive singles as they have active online information such as blogs on how to manage different sexually transmitted infections. 


  1. There could be a lot of people using since it is free and less costly to subscribe to a membership, which makes it hard to filter out the bulk and get your preferred potential partners, but it is worth the sacrifice in the long-run. 

2)   MPWH


MPWH is more directed to people living with herpes, and it is one of the sites that help you find friendship and potential life partner who understands you. MPWH could check you out, and the sign-up process is easy, and it is easy to navigate the site, and it boasts more impressive features that help members connect.  is educative on issues surrounding people living with herpes, as its blogs are educative on topics such as symptoms of the disease, medications, how to protect yourself and others. The site could keep your information discrete, and private and members might not view your details, making it one of the places to check out whether you HSV-1 or HSV-2.


  1. MPWH membership is affordable as you could pay a monthly fee of $29.95 or a 3-month package worth $59.95 or 6 months fee worth $95.95. The site argues that the payment is meant to recruit serious members.

  2. MPWH is educative and is suitable for people with both HSV-1 and HSV-2.


  1. If you do not have a profile photo at, you might not be able to send emails to potential partners.

3)    HerpesPassions


Herpes passions understand that herpes infection should not hinder you from getting a potential life partner. is free and does not have any hidden charges, unlike some places that promise of open communication but with hidden charges. Here people with herpes can communicate with each other freely while keeping their status. Herpes passions is one of the best dating sites for people with both HSV-1 and HSV-2 to find love. Here the site uses an arithmetic formula to connect members who are active on the site. It is easy to use, and it has a variety of features that could keep members interested in the website. 


  1. is free, and members do not have to pay any hidden charges to communicate with potential partners. Moreover, you can send emails to members freely, and the site would recommend the most active members, and this improves your chance of finding a suitable partner.

  2. You could pay an additional $4.95 per month to get serious members, and this can tremendously improve your chances of finding love on herpes passion. 


  1. Since  is free, it can be difficult to find serious potential partners. 



Although is based in the UK, it is open to people from all over the world, and it caters to the needs of people living with herpes and other sexually transmitted infections. is resourceful as it has informative blogs on how to live a positive lifestyle, even with herpes and other STDs. 


  1. Users can access as it is free of cost, but if one chooses to pay for premium services, they could have success in finding suitable partners who match their needs.

  2. The helps with protecting the privacy of the users as it does not share private information with third partners without the consent of the users.

  3. The sign-up is simple, and users can use the click button on the register now a platform which then redirects them to a page for free registration.


  1. The most active users on this site are mostly from the UK, and people from other parts of the world might not be active, making it difficult to find a partner outside the UK.

5)    HWerks


Visit is sensitive to people living with herpes and helps to connect people living with his condition who want to have a deep relationship. understands the struggles most people with herpes go through when searching for love, and it offers services that include connections that can help build long-lasting friendships. People living with herpes could learn more from the site how to cope with their situation, and it could help them have a positive mindset even when they are toiling with herpes.


  1. The is dedicated to building a community with a support base that helps people living with herpes in the community.

  2. The site platforms are useable and provide the needed support for people living with herpes.


  1. Although the site protects your privacy, it requires you to use a photo, and without a proper profile, it can be difficult to communicate with other members. 

6)    H-Date

Visit articulates that it is an STD site and is one of the largest sites for people living with herpes and HIV who want to find friendship and romantic relationships. Membership at is free, and it is suitable for people with different STDs as it is a good source of information, helps people find support as they seek to live positive lives. The site allows you to create a profile, and it is prudent to use your photos to increase your pool as most people would prefer profiles with photos.


  1. At, you can access private chats with potential partners at no extra costs, and you may join chat rooms that are plugged from third parties.

  2. When you are not comfortable with communicating with members, you can block the noisy and annoying ones that are there to waste your time. 

  3. The h-date site provides useful information about herpes, HIV, and other STDs, and this can help you understand your condition and have a positive outlook towards life. 


  1. Since the site is free, sorting out the potential partners and finding serious people who want a committed relationship can be difficult. 

7)   HSV Singles


HSV Singles is dedicated to people living with both HSV-1 and HSV-2, and it has a clean, simple, and neat design. You could navigate their site easily, which helps you increase the chance of finding a match among the plenty of profiles of people living with herpes. The site focuses on providing support for people living with STDs, and you could feel at home on this site. 


  1. It is free to sign up at, but it could be prudent to get a premium membership, which allows you to get additional features. 

  2. The site uses unique arithmetic to match you with potential partners that meet your desired qualities.


  1. The site is prone to too many profiles that are not active, and it could take patients to get a suitable partner.

8)   Meet Positives

Visit is a platform that is designed to meet the need of people living with lifelong infections, and it provides users with useful information on how to deal with their conditions. The site has a feature that allows people living with herpes to meet and form potential friendships and dating, and it has helped more people rediscover their love for new relationships. The best part of is that you could be socializing with other people who could be positive, and it becomes easier for you as you could not have to explain your condition to your new partner. 


  1. The Meet Positives site is easy to navigate and is made in such a way that you meet other positive people, and you could not need to explain your condition to them.

  2. Meet Positives would keep your data private, and you do not have to worry about third parties accessing your personal information.


  1. Meet Positives is free, which makes it hard to find potential partners, and it could be susceptible to scammers, and it is better to avoid sending money to people before meeting them.

9)   Herpes Anonymous


HerpesAnonymous is based in the UK, and you might find that most members are from this region, but it could be possible to get partners outside of the UK.  is one of the trusted sites for people with herpes and other STDs, and it has a nominal monthly fee, which enables you to access many of the premium features which enable you to access more potential premium partners. believes in keeping the information of the users anonymous, and thus you do not have to worry about third parties breaching your privacy. 


  1. has a nominal monthly payment that filters out members who are not serious, and once you pay for the premium membership, you can access highly potential profiles. 

  2. Your information is safe with


  1. Most people complain about the charges to access premium profiles, but this is used to filter serious members.

10)   Stoodin

Visit is a 100% free herpes site meaning that members do not have to pay to access other user’s accounts. It is empathic and user friendly, and it understands the challenges that people with herpes go through in finding a partner. Here you could find a pool of people with herpes, and you do not have to explain your condition to them as they understand your condition. Moreover, the site has platforms with blogs and articles on how to live a positive life with herpes. It is a convenient way for people living with herpes to meet other people with the same condition without feeling like they could be judged. The site promised that it could offer an opportunity to meet other people with herpes at no cost.


  1. is free and is an effective way of meeting other people with herpes without being judged or having to explain your condition. 

  2. is beautiful and simple to operate, and you could find other people with the same conditions quickly.


  1. is free, and this could attract scammers who would want to steal from innocent people.

Why Should You Use Herpes Dating Sites To Date Positive Singles And People With Herpes?

It is easier to use herpes dating sites in finding other people with herpes as you could not need to explain your situation to a potential partner as they could probably have herpes themselves. The sites moreover have informative information that helps you learn more about the infection; moreover, some sites may offer advice from experts who help you learn more about your condition. Most of these herpes sites are free, and they offer anonymity when dating with herpes, and you do not have to worry about letting your information out to other third parties. 

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