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How to Keep Safe And Healthy When Girls Have a Casual Sex

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Casual sex is fun and empowering, but it may be stressful when it comes to keeping healthy and safe, especially for girls. Having multiple casual sex partners may cause you more trouble in terms of contracting unwanted pregnancies and, of course, unwanted fetuses. The reality is that no sex is a hundred percent safe, but there are things you can do to make it as safe as can and relish the banging with minimal stress. Here are some tips on how to keep safe and healthy when girls have casual sex.

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1. Get Into it for The Right Reasons

Having casual hookups for the right motives can help enhance your general happiness health. Some of the right reasons include; wanting to explore a new and pleasurable sexual experience, being horny, or a strong attraction towards a guy you have met. However, doing it for the wrong reasons such as peer pressure, being drunk, or to feel better about yourself might cause suffering to your wellbeing. So, before you hook up with a guy for casual sex, think why you are doing it. If it’s for the correct reason, you will most likely have a fantastic time.

2. Always Use Protection

For casual sex, you will often not discuss the STDs status before finding yourselves in bed. To be on the safe side, always use protection when you have casual sex. And while there are plenty of ways for preventing pregnancy, only two methods can also protect you from STDs, which include condoms and abstinence. Using condoms hence offers the best protection as it acts as a physical barrier between fluids and parts of your other partner. Condoms are ninety-eight percent effective when used correctly. However, there is still a chance they could burst, which is why sex is never completely risk-free. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is also currently available in case you think you might have been exposed to HIV during your casual adventure.

3. Avoid the Jerks

When it comes to men, most of them who are into casual sex are often likely to be aggressive, arrogant, manipulative sexist and arrogant. While they might be perfect in seduction, most do not care about your pleasure, safety, wellbeing, or consent. So, if you want to keep safe and healthy when you have a casual hookup, do yourself a favor and avoid these kinds of men. Try and look for respectful and nice men for a hookup, and they are ultimately plenty of them out there.

4. Have an Absolute ‘NO’ To What You Don’t Want

Your one-night stand partner isn’t sure about what will make you moan. In the same way, they won’t have a clue on what makes you wince. Casual sex often has vague situations, and the lines of consent are blurred easily. You may often experience subtle or unwanted pressure, which is consensual during this uncertainty, which might leave you feeling distressed or with regrets after the casual sex. To avoid this, let your partner know your limits. Don't allow him to pressure you into stuff that you might regret the next day.

5. Let Him Know Your Expectations

Lots of girls get hurt after casual sex because of having different expectations. This results from a simple misunderstanding that leads from an uncertain situation in which they do not project their intentions to the other partner. To keep your feelings safe after casual sex, ensure you don't leave anything to chance. If you want something more than a casual hookup, ensure you communicate your intentions and give them a chance to share their thought. On the other hand, if you want to keep things casual, notify the other party to ensure you are all on the same page before you get to bed.

6. Always Carry the Supplies on Hand

If you think you will end up having a one-night-stand, it’s essential that you always have everything need at hand, including condoms, contraceptive pills, and lube. This ensures you are covered and safe in all ways. Carrying some condoms means that you will always use them during casual sex even if the man hasn't carried some while an extra birth control pill in your handbag means you won’t have to stress yourself about going back to your house quickly. Don’t leave anything to chance when going out for a casual date.

7. Keep Your Friends in The Loop

When having casual hookups, it’s important to be cautious by letting your close friends know your whereabouts. Consider giving all the relevant information about where you are going and who you are hooking up with, including his phone number and name, if possible. Inform them about your whereabouts in case anything changes. Although it might sound overboard, if no one knows where you are, no one will get alarmed should anything go wrong. More so, you should hookup in an environment that you feel comfortable and safe, especially for first hookups where you know nothing much about your crush.

8. Get Tested

Above all, if you engage in casual sex, it’s always a good idea to test regularly for STD, mainly if you are sleeping with several people. For STDs, you will often not know there is a problem unless you get tested, or otherwise, you will realize when its already in the extreme. You better know that you have an STD and get treated earlier rather than being behind your health. Whether you are using condoms or other forms of contraception, prioritizing your health is a big deal. Also, if you are considering unprotected sex, ensure both of you get tested for STDs. The fact that the STDs might test negative during the window stage, you should set up a testing schedule of every three months. You might consider talking to a health professional for advice on how regularly you should get tested, which depends on your sex lifestyle.


Making her trust you and eventually get her to bed should be easy if you know what you are doing. With these tips, you will quickly gain a girl's trust and get her to bed that she will be amazed at how it happened. A girl needs to feel safe around you by trusting you before you can get her to bed.

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