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7 Best Transgender Dating Sites to Find Local Trans Women

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Coming out as Transgender is not easy for most people due to the judgmental society. However, more and more people are summing up the courage to come out as Transgender, and society is somehow accepting them, although not entirely. Transgender people have the setback of being discriminated against by people, which might cause them to withdraw.

Understanding one's facts and truths are fundamental things when looking for a partner. Imagine how difficult it can be for a transgender person to find a partner who will correctly understand them without being judgmental. Most transgender people opt to look for partners on online dating platforms, but even most of these sites tend to overlook the Trans options. To help Transgenders meet and date, we have reviewed some seven best Trans dating sites for trans women. So, without further ado, let's get cracking!

To compile these reviews, there are several factors we had to consider. Is the site an exclusive Trans website? Is the site safe, secure, and what features do they offer? Spice your sex life with the following list.

1)    TSdates

Visit is among the world's largest dating sites catering to the Trans community, with more than 78 million active users and the perfect site for Transgender singles looking for long-term or casual relationships.  The site offers multiple exclusive features such as private messaging, real profiles, video chats, chat forums, chat rooms, and more. offers free membership options.


  1. The site offers multiple features.

  2. It has an appealing site design and layout.

  3. It has a massive database of active users.

  4. Creating a profile is quick and easy.


  1. You have to join premium membership to access exclusive features.

2)   AdultFriendFinder


With estimated monthly traffic of 60 million, AdultFriendFinder is among the largest online dating websites worldwide. This site helps Transgender singles find suitable like-minded matches. AdultFriendFinder allows Transgender singles to hookup and find loving partners and explore their sexual fantasies. They offer lots of features, even with the free subscription option.


  1. They offer a free review- no charges for going through your matches.

  2. The site has a vast membership-you have plenty of options to choose from.


  1. The site is only compatible with Android- iOS users will have a hard time here.

  2. The site has multiple, nagging advert pop-ups.

3)    My Transsexual Date 


Mytranssexualdate ranks among the top transgender websites for a valid reason. The founder of this site was a French man whose wife was a Transsexual. His vision was to remove Transgender dis-equality by erasing the negativity of society toward Transgender people. The purpose of this site was to help Trans find loving sexual partners. Whether you are a crossdresser or transgender female, you will have an exciting experience with it.


  1. The website is compatible with either iOS or Android devices.

  2. The site is exclusively free for Transgender females.


  1. The website is compatible with either iOS or Android devices.

  2. The site plays numerous adverts, which can be a turnoff to most users.

4)    Transgender Date


Transgenderdate has an estimated 245k monthly traffic. The current website is a re-design, which was initially launched in 2007. This website is for transgender people looking to find hookups and long-term partners. Transgenderdate allows only real transgender profiles and uploading of videos, photos, and other general information. They offer lots of features at no cost.


  1. It has a massive database of members. You can find a suitable match from any part of the globe.

  2. The site is 100% free, so long as you verify your profile information.

  3. Guarantees 100% real accounts.


  1. It has an influx of advert pop-ups.

  2. The design and layout of the site are not appealing, and will likely turn off new visitors.

5)    My Transgender Cupid



MyTransgenderCupid has more than 15,000 active subscribers. The site allows for Trans and cisgender singles to create free profiles. It is the perfect website for Trans looking for long term relationships. Members can chat through private messaging, show interest, flirt, search for matches, and more.


  1. It has a vast number of active members.

  2. It is safe and secure.

  3. It offers free membership options.

  4. Excellent support staff.


  1. Men have to subscribe to access all exclusive features.

  2. It is not the site for people looking to explore their fantasies and fetishes.

6)    TG Personals 


Tgpersonals have estimated monthly traffic of 216k. It is an excellent website for transgender people looking to find other similar people. Launched in 1999, and is an exclusive transgender dating site. Creating a profile is quick and easy. The filter search tools make it even easier to find matches. Do not let the social perception of you weigh you down, Tgpersonals is here to help you find the perfect match and their online community is quite welcoming.


  1. The website is easy to use, even for first-time visitors.

  2. Tgpersonals is quite reliable.

  3. It is exclusively free- you get to access all features at no cost.

  4. It has excellent audio and video quality.


  1. It has fewer number of active users in comparison to other reputable transgender sites.

  2. The design and layout of the site are not appealing- needs some improvement.

7)   Tsmingle


With estimated monthly traffic of 209k, is a website for Transgender singles all over the world. Trans singles can sign up on this site for free- no need to worry about hidden charges. Not only Transgender, but also crossdressers, Transvestites, and Transsexuals, can access free membership. The site offers various categories to choose from, making finding matches easy. At, you will find a person with a similar orientation and personality.


  1. It has multiple categories- they help users by narrowing down the options for you to find a perfect match.

  2. It offers exclusive free membership.


  1. You have to join the membership to access some exclusive features.

  2. Numerous nagging advert pop-ups.

Transgender dating sites provide people of any sexual identity or orientation a platform to meet trans women and others, either for commitments and casual relationships. We hope our list of the seven best Trans dating sites will help you find a caring partner.

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