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OutPersonals Review

OutPersonals is one of the dating sites for the guy. It has a user base of 1.3 million users. The site claims to be the best for guys with free to use services.

Being a guy is a challenging situation. Most of the guy boys find it difficult to come out and find a life partner. With the new technology, however, finding a guy love partner is easy. aims to give the guy community a chance to interact with each other and satisfy their sexual desires. As a result, the website does not offer geographical limitations. But are they legit?


Maintaining the privacy status of the users

Takes care of transgender

The prices are relatively low and affordable for most of the users

The website design is also easy to navigate and operate. With its great search tools, it’s easy to find a perfect match.


Most of the users are not real. As a result, most of its clients spend a lot of years searching for a partner in vain.

The website is not reliable.


Live video chats

It allows live video chats, which increases the website’s fun.

Friend page for friends

It also allows you to build a friend page for friends.


You can also use the page to send invitations and winks.


The instant message center does also makes the website more fun to work with for your search.

Affordable cost

The site is cheap to use, with low operation costs. The gold membership allows users to view all members’ profiles, join chatrooms, and chat with target members. The site does also offers three free months of testing its services.

Millionaire members

They also have an extensive user base of over a million members.

Price List

Available Now


Standard member

Outpersonals services are among the cheapest. They offer free standard membership. The free membership allows you to create your account profile, add photos, search for partners, and create a personal hotlist.

Starting at $29.96


The free membership, however, ensures that you don’t view other people’s profiles or chat with them. They offer 1-month, 3-months, and 12-month subscriptions at $29.96, 12.95, and $6.95 respectively per month. With the paid premiums, users can access all the services offered by the company.

Benefits of having a subscription

Outpersonals reviews show that the page benefits users in enabling them to come out to the public as guys. It’s also useful in maintaining the privacy of the users. It’s, therefore, suitable for all users worried about going public.

How it works

Before you start using the website, they will need you to sign up with their home page. Signing up consists of making up an account. Provide your username, gender, age, and preferences to make the search easy. Once you’re a registered member, you can filter the favorites using different tools. These include all profile parts, active users, new members, zip code, city, or love for pets. You can improve your account by participating in different website activities. The site is easy to navigate and browse from page to the other.

Reasons for Choosing OutPersonals

You can consider using if you are a guy model. It’s also a perfect site for starters who want to gain the courage to come out of their cage. If you wish to explore and learn more about your sexuality, the website will also be perfect for you. The results are, however, not a guarantee.

Summary is not a 100% complete. There are a variety of features that they need to correct. Their messaging is not genuine, and as such, you need to be cautious. Their display is attractive, but they do not deliver to the expectations. We can, however, consider it among the best since it is a guy dating site, one of the problematic areas to deal with in this area.

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