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How To Make Your Girl Wet At The First Hookup Date

You got the girl, you know the time, you know the place. That is a great start for your hookup date.

There are different kinds of dates but for a hookup date, there is only one thing that matters, only one thing and one question, how to hop into those panties? How to make her feel hot the moment the two of you meet. How to awake her sleeping desire right away. We will tell you how to make your girl wet on the first date. The ability to make a girl want you the moment she meets you is a form of art. So let us teach you.

Make Her Horny The Moment You Get There

Never miss the opportunity to show her your sexual interest even without talking to her, what thoughts you put inside your brain are more important than thoughts that she has in hers. You need to start looking at yourself as a sexual being. Don’t be afraid, you will not offend her. She is there, so she wants it, she want to find a dominant and you just be a dominant and to encourage her. You are a man, you are born to make women happy, you just need to realize it. She already likes you, so she will not see you as some sort of creep, she will feel it the way she’s supposed to, her thoughts already make it a bit drippy down there.

Give Her Straight Forward Sexual Compliments

Double meaning sentences are the best, right? WRONG! She is not there for jokes and games, these are not social pressure kind of meetups where awkward comments are necessary to break the barrier. This is the complete opposite of it, so go straight forward, say the things on your mind. Release the demon from your imagination and share it with her. Forget about cheesy tinder pickup lines and say things that will make her want you even more. Make her want to jump you right there as you stand. Talk about her body, tell what you would do to her and you are on the right way.

Let Your Body Talk

You must assert dominance from the get-go, you must show her who is in charge. The more you do it, the more attracted she will be. Imagine that if you made some naughty comments, make her laugh, giggle, or even fake offended and then you reduce yourself to a total wimp mode and start with a normal conversation. You just don’t do that. You need to talk, walk, and do everything dominant and sexual. Women love that, those things fuel them up. They love strong men and as soon as you accept that, you will start seeing some changes. Basically, your body language needs to be sex and not friendship. Simple as that.

The First Handshake Is All You Need For The Initial Spark

One of the most important things when it comes to making a girl horny is how to touch her sexually when you are not touching her sexually. If you plan to start touching her in the bedroom, you are about four hours late. Even if your first touch is when you go for a kiss, also, very late. It all starts at the beginning, the first ten or fifteen seconds you guys have met. The handshake, that is it, it usually takes a couple of seconds but it is all the time that you need. You do it right, and the rest reveals itself. If you add a little hug to it like you love her, and she’s cooked.

Seduce Her With Only Words

You need to use the right tone, the right speed in which your words will flow through her. If you talk fast, on a high pitched note, you know you are blowing it. You will not make her horny, you are putting yourself in a friendzone, and who wants that? You need to be smooth, with the voice as deep as you can, speak slow and sensual, make her feel your words like a gentle touch on her erogenous zone. Slow talkers show confidence, you are demonstrating pure calmness to her and she can feel it and wants a part of it.

Get Close To Her When You Talk

You really can’t build up sexual tension by sitting on the other end of the room, not even another end of the table. You need to be close, she needs to smell you, needs to feel the vibrations from your voice like the sounds are coming from inside her. Goes without saying that sitting close to her improves your chances of touching her as well. You can always stir up her mind with simple questions of intrigue. Ask her does she want to know what you are thinking or offer to share some secret with her. When she becomes interested in knowing the things you said, you then respond with some sexy compliment and she will love it. Her blushy cheeks will show you that the spot has been hit.

Bring Up All The Sexual Topics

A lot of guys are afraid to start talking about specific sexual topics because they are afraid the girl will be scared off, but that is so far from the truth. Girls love sex and they automatically get attracted to guys who have no problems talking about it. Bear in mind that this little cute-eyed, puppy-faced little girl probably tried it all from A to Z, no need to treat her like a noob on some video game that doesn’t know the difference between left and right. No need for that, loosen up a bit, and you will see changes. You just need to make sure that not everybody is hearing what you are saying. That can backfire on you, but other than that, go for it. And you’ll have all the intercourse you want, just play it well.

These were some simple rules on how to make a girl wet on the first hookup, stick to these and you will flow with the ladies with ease.

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