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60+ Best Tinder Pick Up Lines to Get Laid

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Are you wondering why your matches aren't responsive or why you never succeed in setting up a date with them? Maybe you are not creating the perfect environment for an exciting conversation. In this 21st century, try starting a Tinder conversation with a 'Hey.' Chances are your respondent will answer with a 'hey too' or 'how are you' before the conversation dies.  

To establish a lasting and exciting conversation with a Tinder match, you need to use some opening lines. Pick up lines are an excellent way to break the ice and create a rapport between you and your match. Your pick up line can be funny, cute, flattering, sexy, etc. – it all depends on your style. We are here to help you come up with your unique openers. Read on this article to find out 60+ Tinder pick up lines that will get you laid quickly and easily.  

Funny Tinder Pickup Lines

  1. I think you forgot your ring in my apartment. Quite unusual for a start. Nonetheless, you are hitting your match with the idea you are interested and would like to get that ring.

  2. I just got to town. Would you mind sending me your location? This statement is both funny and cheeky. You don't lie about such-you got to be in town in the real sense for it work out. In case your match doesn't want you to know where they live, you can still play the card of asking them out for coffee.

  3. You seem busy. Any chance I could make it to your diary? This line will work for people who seem entirely caught up in their day-to-day activities. It’s a smart way of asking her out. 

  4. Do you love fruits? Because I would like you to be the APPLE of my eye. It sounds exciting and flattering at the same time.

  5. My lucky number is 69, what about you? You want to sound sexy, yet not so direct- try this. 

  6. I see you like traveling. I can take you to The Old Town Road. You can read the signs from their profile and try to figure out what music they love. Use their music taste and curve something out of it. 

  7. Are you a mortgage plan? Because you got my interest. This is it! You sound like a smart guy, not mentioning humorous. Such pickup lines will likely attract a smile on the other end, opening your way to setting up a date.

  8. Do you believe in fate, or should we match again? This a little trite, but cute.

  9. I would catch a grenade for you, but who will I leave you with? I guess this is the best of them all. If you can make your match smile with your first text, you can easily ask for a date.

  10. Hello princess, how about you be my Tinderella? Leave alone the creativity, the humor, and flatter in this phrase is enough to get a girl blushing.

Clever Tinder Pickup Lines

  1. I’m kind of new here, is this to say that we are already dating? It sounds naive but will get you somewhere if you want to score that first date.

  2. You look adventurous. Tell me about your most memorable one to date. Do you want to get off those boring, cliché conversations? Spot one of their fundamental interests and optimize it.

  3. I heard that Tinder is a game of numbers, mind giving me yours? A grand opening you will have here. You create the first impression that you are humorous to your ideal match.

  4. I will prepare your dinner if you get my breakfast ready. It is straightforward, yet quite simple and suggestive. You want to give your respondent something to think over. 

  5. I’m heading to the store, should I get you anything? Most people I know will fall for this, especially junk. Who knows? She might even request a drink, and that is how you win a date night.

  6. Hey (include name), what are you up to this weekend? No beating around the bush and kick start the conversation right away. 

  7. Sunday mornings are the best time to cuddle. How about I spice it up for you with some pancakes? Most people love Sunday mornings. You now have something to talk about and a to-do list, whether on a Sunday morning or not.

  8. Are you the kind who loves pets, or would you rather Netflix and Chill? It is an excellent way of getting to know more about your match.

  9. I'm not the flirting type, but I tend to appreciate beauty once I see it. This statement is a very creative way to flatter your match.

  10. They say the beautiful ones are not yet born. Maybe it's you who is ahead of time. You can never go wrong with some beautiful flatter to start your conversation.

Sexy Tinder Pickup Lines

Before you get started, you need to exercise caution with these openers. You don’t want to come out too suggestive to an unsuspecting match. Start by clearly stating it on your profile. 

  1. I suggest we skip the whole chatting thing and go for a date night? What is your take? If you are here for casual relationships, be clear from the word go. 

  2. Is your personality as great as your waistline? It shows that you appreciate her features, and are more than willing to make it happen!

  3. I saw you and remembered the parking ticket because 'fine' is written all over you. Wow! - I bet this is the response to expect if you open a conversation with this. You’ve impressed so that you can proceed with a 'date' request.

  4. Are you Agenda? Because I look forward to a meeting in my bed. It is a cute way to say that you're into a hookup idea.

  5. Should we go for dinner first, or head for dessert right away? The amusement you had reading this is what your respondent will experience. So, be brave and go for it.

  6. Hot and sexy! Glad that we matched. The simplicity is sufficient enough to break the ice.

  7. The gentleman in me is trying not to picture you naked, but you are irresistible! Women or girls love some beautiful flatter- and you got it right there.

  8. Has someone told you that you resemble (include a popular celebrity)? If you’re told you resemble Rihanna, how would you feel? Start by making her smile and see how fast you get to hit it. 

  9. We matched! So, how about you gave me the pleasure of meeting you sometime. You have already stated what you want. It’s now their decision to make. 

  10. We matched! Does that mean I have my date? The simple statement that also shows your confidence level.

Nerdy Pickup Lines

Tinder pickup lines can be nerdy. Besides, who doesn’t want to make someone feel irrational? 

  1. If you were a shape, you probably would have been an Acute triangle. If you realize that they love math, this is a perfect vibe. 

  2. Leave alone Hydrogen; you should be element number one. I insist, if you can make her smile…chances are you can easily get laid.

  3. Remember the periodic table back in high school, Hydrogen being the number one on the chart. Make them feel special.

  4. The second thermodynamics law urges you to share. How about we rave or do clubbing this weekend? An excellent way to ask for a date, but still, sound hilarious.

  5. Do you love playing games, or would you instead come watch Game of Thrones with me tonight? Creative people are attractive, and perhaps this is all you need to type to score that date. 

  6. Are you Wi-Fi because of how much I’m dying to connect with you?  You are interested in hookups, hence get your message out, and still sound interesting to start a conversation.

  7. If Corona fails to take you out, can I? Corona is a trending topic. Talking about it is an easy way to start a conversation, and also let your intentions known.

  8. Can you be an answer to my 69 problems? I hope you understand what I’m bringing out here. A warm response means you can get laid.

  9. In this world of Corona, how about you let me become your ventilator? You need a hookup, show interest with such nerdy flatters. 

  10. I don’t do this but would not mind giving you some inches for tonight. Let your intentions known from the word go, while making sure you don’t sound too erotic. 

Interesting Tinder Pickup Lines

Conversations started using the following pick up lines are likely to break out into talks of likes and dislikes.  

  1. I may not turn into your husband, but would you like me to be the man you think about ten years down the line? This statement shows just how fun and exciting you are. Be ready to play the role if your call is accepted.

  2. What is your favorite joint in town? An answer to this gives you the ideal date location. 

  3. Greetings (insert name), are you in for coffee or drinks this weekend? It is the simplest way to ask a girl out, yet sound bold enough. 

  4. I’ve noticed your love for dogs, how about you meet my Frenchie? After browsing their profile, exploit what they like and use it to break the ice. 

  5. Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn't, but after finding you, I think differently now. Unless you overdo it, the flatters can never go wrong.

  6. I got 29 questions, and they are all about how I can get you for a coffee date. What about this weekend? Break the ice, state your intentions, and ask them out. 

  7. You look so outgoing. I bet we can make a perfect adventure together. Read the green lights of your match and use them to request for a date. 

  8. What is your ideal Friday night?  A great way to start a lively conversation is talking about weekend fun. Ask for a date night after that and see how it goes.

  9. I have this feeling that you love trouble. Controversial statements make most people want to argue, and a great way to start your conversation. 

  10. Truth or Dare? It is the perfect way to start and keep a conversation going as you know each other better.

Cute Tinder Pickup Lines

  1. I don't flirt a lot but tend to be extra nice to attractive people. Aaawh! It shows you appreciate their beauty, and that is a win for you. 

  2. I love your eyes. Tell me more about your likes and dislikes. It is simple but informative. You open the way for other conversations. 

  3. I’m holding back compliments, but because that may sound cliché, how can you describe your personality with a few emojis. It is sweet, simple, and effective- very likely to help.

  4. Can I buy you dinner, one of these beautiful days? It is an attractive manner of showing your willingness to please them.

  5. I was told not to meet strangers online, but you are so irresistible. It sounds naïve, simple, and humorous.

  6. We matched! Are we now getting married? This is a cute tinder open as it sounds humorous. You will likely kick start a fascinating conversation with this phrase.  

  7. Are you sure you haven't pictured me naked? If so, say it to my face. You can tell so much from this phrase. It clearly states your intentions and gives way for some sexy talk. 

  8. I have been crushing on you for the last two hours. This phrase shows interest and flatters. 

  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give you a 9, what about you? You give your respondent a reason to reply to your text. The perfect way to get a conversation flowing.

  10. Do you know CPR? Because of how breathtaking you are! Start the conversation with some flatter to open up for more to come. 

Extra Pickup Lines

  1. Can I be your facemask today?

  2. Hello, can we hook up tonight? 

  3. I would love to see how freaky you can get. When are you in for dinner or drinks?

  4. How often do you come here?

  5. I see you love cycling, how about I ride you this Sunday?

To sum up, quickly starting and maintaining a conversation, your Tinder pick up lines need to be smooth. It increases your chances of securing dates, and even getting laid with those matches. Now, you use what you’ve learned to woo some girls and see how it works out. 

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