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How to hookup on tinder

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

If you have resorted to tinder hookup to spice your life and to look for a potential life partner, you should pimp your dating profile on the site to increase the chances of getting successful hookups. Sometimes it could seem like you have no game at all on tinder, my research on getting successful hookups in online dating world might help you. Although I might have written resourceful and in-depth articles on dating tips that you may not even be interested in reading, I still find it challenging to advice someone on how to hookup on tinder. You could have used tinder for many reasons and even with the different reasons you found that you always got potential partners to meet your needs. You apply this tips to get successful tinder hookups. 

1. Your Photos

A potential partner could want to know who they are going home with, and a profile photo shows them who you are. The photo might not be about your face and physique only as it makes someone get interested in you. A tinder profile with no photo could get the least views, and you aim to increase the views to increase your hookup chances. Someone will like you from the photos first, and they could then proceed to your profile to find your compatibility. The photo determines tinder hookup and the possibility of getting a date. 

Tips for the photos

Tinder pictures have subtle messages, for instance, a photo with a dog would mean you care, and one with friends could indicate that you are friendly. If you take a full photo with clothes on it could show you respect yourself and you have a sense of class. Your tinder photo could show you have a life, especially if you take photos that show you traveling, cooking, riding, or even painting. Three photos could do justice for your profile, and it could be better if you made them appear more appealing and bright for the prospective partners to see your desirable features. 

If you overdo the tinder photo, it could come out as you are trying to make up for something, and there is a difference between a photo you could take to show you are having fun and one that indicates that you are trying to cover-up something. If you are enjoying doing something, it could be visible from your photo, and it could be wise if you avoided showing pictures of luxuries items or sexualized parts of the body like the abs and the boobs. Some photos could also become a put off for a potential partner, and this includes too close up pictures, group images, or photos of other people or items which without you being on it.

2. Have an Interesting Bio

Even though you could be looking for sex only on tinder, having a great bio might improve your chances of getting potential dates. Your prospective partners should be confident that they could be meeting someone with a great personality, class, and style. A guy should make their prospective girl feel like they could take care of their date, during, and after sex. Knowing that a guy could be kind to them might increase their interest in hooking up with you. Being a woman that could be respectful to a guy would also make a prospective boyfriend get interested in knowing you and hooking up on tinder. Even with flings, it could be wise to write a few lines that make the other person feel to know a little about you. It may not feel like an essay, but a few explanations of your hobbies and fun side could help spice your tinder profile.

3. Create a Thought-Provoking Opening Message

Communication skills could determine if you get hooked on tinder or not, and this does not only stop on the online profile as you could need to talk to a prospective partner when you meet on a first date. Some of the first opening messages could be about something you noticed on the profile of your prospective partner, and this could be about mentioning the city the photo was taken or other specific aspects of the photo. For instance, you could tell them that you love the photo on their profile, which they shot while riding a bike.

4. Ask Your Potential Partner Out

You may not straight away ask a potential partner to after talking on the first day, and it could be helpful if you assess the online chemistry first to see if it could translate to real life. You could save yourself from heartbreak on tinder when you communicate for some time with someone, and this could also help you decide if you can take the conversation to other social media platforms like WhatsApp. If someone could drop out of the conversation, it could help if you moved on, as this might be a sign of non-compatibility. 

You could be on tinder for different reasons such as getting laid, finding love or casual dating, and being honest might help you find a potential partner. Ask a potential partner what they want from you and tell them what you are looking for, and it could help if you knew what you’re open to. There could not be any reason why you could ask someone to go on a date with you only for them to tell you that they are not in for a casual date but a serious relationship. Truthfulness could do away with the disappointment of not meeting the expectations of your potential partner.

5. Go For What Appeals

Although people could have different looks, sex appeal could be different depending on style, and not entirely on looks. You could consider how a person dresses, how they take care of their bodies, and their confidence, and this helps with strengthening the relationship.


Tinder hookups might be easy to achieve, especially if you take lovely photos, get the right information on the bio, and let your personality shine. At first, be open about what you want and what you could be willing to accommodate, and when meeting potential lovers, be confident with yourself.

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