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12 Submissive Tasks Every Dom Should Give Their Sub

Updated: Jan 2

Everyone wants a cooperating partner. It makes the relationship lovely and last longer. However, you need to be on top of your game too.

Are you a Dom and want to make your Sub respect you? Then, this content is for you. It is educative content that provides details about 12 Submissive tasks a Dom should give Sub. At the end of it all, you will be better at getting others freaky and getting your Sub to enjoy sex.

Submissive tasks are helpful to strengthen a relationship. You will get more ideas while reading this content. Before reading, we assume that you have let your sub know how to become a sub (if not, please visit our BDSM dating sites).

Tasks for a submissive (What are submissive tasks?)

A submissive task expresses the wish for a dominant which the submissive accomplish. Based on an agreement or the desire of the dominant, it can be a routine or just a one-time event. A misconception many people have is that submissive tasks are always sexual but that is not true.

Also, it is important to note that there is consent before administering BDSM activities. Consent is the bedrock of any relationship as it strengthens their level of commitment. Establishing consent can be informal or verbal. Whichever the case, ensure you get one before you proceed.

The difficult part of submissive tasks is discussing and agreeing on tasks. Either way, the dominant person can assign specific tasks to their submissive partner since consent has been agreed upon.

Why submissive tasks?

BDSM tasks come with numerous benefits or reasons. Notable ones include, the dominant part may want to remind their submissive about who is in charge. Assigning tasks unlocks another playful level in the relationship. It allows the submissive to show that they can be loyal and care for their partners.

Submissive tasks are good ways to train a sub to show how much they pay attention to details. Over time, it can become demanding and more intricate. All of these activities promote commitment.

As you continue to read, you will see different submissive tasks that will improve any relationship.

One of the most asked questions is; can I reward submission tasks? Well, the truth is that it depends on you. However, administering rewards can be encouraging, especially if the job was well done. It makes the submissive person ready to commit more and even exceed set expectations that you may have agreed on.

How to get started with BDSM tasks? 12 Submissive Tasks

1. Sexy images to feed the eyes

One of the easiest ways to get started with submissive and dominant tasks is to feed the eyes with sexy pictures or nudes. There are different approaches to spice this up. Follow closely to see how to achieve this.

You can request that they send you complete naked images whenever you want. However, it does not have to be complete at all times. Images that show a revealing part of their body will go a long way too. Similarly, you can train them to send images of their sexy clothing item while you may be away. Note, they are to send clothes that you have approved.

2. Making food available (preferably cooking)

Getting food items for one's partner is a romantic way to start any day. Imagine you receive a big tray of food while still in bed. That shows a great care level, yea? You can add extra spice to this by making your submissive dress sexy at night wears.

It does not have to be something spectacular. They can make an omelet or even brew coffee. Adding a note to express a sexual desire will be an important addition. More so, learning a new recipe is another submissive task that will do the job.

As a dominant, you can instruct your submissive to purchase some special treat while they are out or shopping. Further tests can be added when you leave the submissive alone to get the right items.

3. Sexual activities for the sub

There are several sexual activities that you can administer a sub. They range from edging or blow jobs to or employment of devices. Do not forget that the goal of a dominant and a submissive relationship is to attain maximum pleasure.

As a Dom, you can ask your sub to give a Blow Job while moaning or singing a song you love. You can reverse the role and give the command as to when they (the sub) should cum. Asking for orgasm is not out of place but you have to create activities that make it easy.

The use of a chastity device will help to achieve this easily. You can call their names several times while the phone is vibrating.

You can request that they make a video. Before this, have a script for the video and things you will want them to engage in. You can even play games like "pick a paper out of two." You have curated all the options they can pick while they are choosing without knowing the option. The sub is to administer any choice they have made till the dominant is happy.

4. Employment of sex toys

Sex toys are great. They add a new complexion to one’s activities. You can use it on another person or watch them use it on themselves – choose any option that makes you happy.

It is not out of place if you administer a task to your sub. That is, you can create a schedule for their use of sex toys like;

  1. The use of vibrators till orgasms on Monday

  2. Get freaky by using nipple clamps to engage in nipple play on Tuesday

  3. The butt plug can be for Wednesday nights.

  4. Train the sub’s Kegel muscles by making them wear Ben Wa Balls on Thursday.

  5. Fridays can be for a new toy they had never tried before.

Note that, you can change this routine too as the dominant. Doing this makes the process less monotonous.

5. Educational assignments

The employment of educational assignments can sound off from this discussion but it is a good one. You can ask your sub to write romantic letters for as long as a month.

The content is dependent on the dom. Nevertheless, here are possible options to consider;

  1. How your day went

  2. Things you would do in our next sexual moment

  3. An essay on your kinkiest experiences

  4. Describe the last experience we had

  5. What are the activities you would administer if you were dominant?

Another valid option to consider is to engage them in discussions or ask them to read to you. It could be a mini book club but a sexual one. There are also more BDSM fun games that will go a long way.

6. Household chores and management

Household chores are ideal for a submissive. You can plan how they are to scrub different places in the house or arrange your closets. It depends on you to make the tasks time-consuming or otherwise.

Get them to be a part of your dressing to cause some triggers. They can help knot ties or button cloth to make them pay attention to details. Also, it fosters more intimacy.

They can run errands shopping too or deliver items to another person. This does not look like much of a big one, yea?

7. Self-improvement sub-tasks

Self-care should be emphasized in BDSM tasks. It shows that you love your slave and care for their growth. The sexual relationship (Dominant to Submissive) does not negate the fact that they are your sexual partner. Hence, self-improvement tasks will go a long way.

You can help them stop some bad habits like picking or chewing nails. Help them build their confidence level by administering any of the tasks below;

  1. Creating a sleep routine for them

  2. Time for exercises and other workout sessions

  3. Eat healthily and drink water

  4. Meditation

  5. Acquiring a new skill

  6. Becoming a part of a group or class

  7. Volunteering for organizations

  8. Filling out applications or doing homework

  9. Being a part of an online class or academic group

This is the only time you can allow them to choose.

8. Fun, games, and entertainment

Games are entertaining. They activate certain hormones and increase blood flow. In turn, this impacts how much they enjoy sexual moments.

Ask your submissive for their favorite games and enjoy them with them. There is a high chance that you will see them in their most excited state during this moment.

Entertainment could be to consume some adult content together. This can range from pornography movies to magazines. Much more than the pleasure it brings, you can learn about new styles that you can employ in your relationship with your partner.

Do not make it boring by making every day or night game moments. Fridays or the weekends look like a perfect time to engage in fun, games, and entertainment. The reason is that there is more time and you do not have to worry about going to work the next time. More time implies more activities.

Also, some games can be pivotal in self-development. Word Cookies, Chess, Monopoly, and Crime Scene are a few of such games. You can make it an extra by creating a bidding when they lose. They (subs) can take shots or you slam their buttocks whenever they lose.

9. Physical Appearance

Since they are your sexual partner, you can impact their physical appearance. You can let them know what you prefer in a partner and get them to make these choices. Sometimes, you may decide the choices too.

For instance, you can let them know when they should wear their favorite lingerie or pants. Determining their color or makeup or hairstyle is also a great option to consider. It is advisable that you do not make this process grievous for them – do not give them what alters their specific look.

A cloth schedule is not a terrible idea, more specifically underwear. It shows their submission to your pleasure.

10. BDSM and Kinky Tasks

BDSM or kinky tasks are more intense submissive tasks. Of course, they include more physical activities and even pain – caning, whipping, or spanking. Hence, you need to ensure you are good at this before administering it.

You can have specific times in a month when you tie your partner up and engage in BDSM tasks. It will be if you reverse the role of sub and dom on another occasion. That is, you can agree to be the dom today while they are sub. By the next time for BDSM tasks, you can be the sub while they are dom. However, if they are pleased with always being the sub, then you can always punish them.

You can give them assignments to research ideas for your next BDSM tasks. That is not a role you have to reverse or stop doing.

11. Reading Novels and Stories

Erotica novels and stories are bangers. They are not only educative but they are insightful. It is an opportunity to unlock new depths and develop new ideas.

Just like consuming adult content together, you can read novels and stories that are not adult content. The idea is that you want to create a stronger bond with your partner. At the same time, you may be self-improving them.

Read and read again. There is always something new to learn in this information age. Read more of our adult content; they are quite rewarding.

12. Any other choice

Any other choice means you are ready to hear the sub out and allow them to choose. They may have other ideas that are different from those stated above. Listen to them and consider those.

If they love music or have other love languages, it will be good if you pay attention to these desires. It will foster the relationship between both parties.


Now that you have learned 12 submissive tasks every Dom should give their Sub, you must have some high level of confidence. You are only as good as how bold you administer the tasks for your sub. Finally, listen to them and be open-minded about their opinions. The goal is sexual satisfaction.

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