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How To Have A One Night Stand

one night stand

Life as we know it is changing at a very rapid pace and rules that we lived by only a few years ago aren’t the same as they were before. More and more people are engaging in casual sex without even thinking about having a serious relationship with their sex partners. Only a few years ago, this was common for younger men, but women have also become resistant to emotions when it comes to sex.

How to have a one night stand? It isn’t as difficult as it was before, especially with the evolution of the internet and technology. Now, you can just download an app to your phone and start browsing like-minded singles in your area. There are many apps you can use and most of these apps are free to use. Some people are still using online dating sites, but these are becoming less popular as people switch from using laptops and desktop computers for more powerful smartphones.

Download Or Register To A Casual Sex Site

casual sex site or app to have a one night stand

With a massive number of people interested in casual encounters, it can seem difficult to find the right casual sex sites or apps to use for finding a one night stand. Thankfully, there are tons of website and app reviews on the internet so it’s become super-simple to find some of the best dating apps and websites available today. You’re not limited only to one. If you want to, you can have an account on every dating site and dating app you can find. This will actually increase the chances of finding a hookup much faster.

Many of these sites and apps are free to use although there are premium ones as well. Some people have more luck finding a one night stand by using premium sites and apps while others are more than satisfied with the results they had with free ones. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s all about how you use the things you have.

Always Be Sincere About You, Your Likes And Dislikes

Many people make this mistake when creating their online profiles. Even though it’s tempting to call yourself a sex symbol with a chiselled body like a Greek God, it’s important to be objective when writing your biography and adding photos. If you want to meet like-minded people for a casual sexual encounter, there’s nothing you should be ashamed about.

Don’t hide that you’re bald or that you have a beer belly, the person you’re meeting will notice those things once they see you and even the slightest differences between you and your pictures could trigger a negative effect. That’s why it’s also important to use recent pictures as well.

One more thing you should be sincere about are your intentions. Many people decide to meet in person after chatting with the other person or having video-chats for a while. It’s not impossible to meet someone for an ONS the same day, but it’s much more likely you’ll need to spend time getting to know the other person before you actually see each other.

Be On Time And Be Prepared

Once you get to the point of meeting someone you met online, you need to respect their time and privacy. Not all people who are searching for a one-night stand are single, and not all of them are prepared to spend more time than they need to with you. When you arranged the time and place where you’ll meet, try and even be early for the meeting.

Hygiene is the most important part of an ONS. No matter if you’ve arranged a one night stand with somebody online or you met them at a club, your hygiene must be on point. If you’re not sure whether you’re fresh or not, it’s best to skip the ONS no matter how great the night is going.

By being prepared, we mean that you should be fully groomed at all times and that you have protection with you. There’s a chance you’ll meet someone who doesn’t want to use protection, but you should always insist on it. You’ll want to be protected against unwanted pregnancies and all kinds of STDs. The problem with having sex with someone you don’t know is that people lie and some would even skip telling you they’re positive for an STD just to get you to bed.

Always Say What You Want In Bed And Don’t Engage In An ONS If You’re Not Sober

Being sober during a one night stand will make your experience much more pleasurable. The problem with one night stands is that most of the time, they start taking place during a night out. It’s common to meet new people in bars or clubs where there’s drinking involved. There’s nothing wrong with having a one-night stand with someone you just met, but make sure that you’re both sober enough to know what you’re doing.

have a one night stand

Some would think that you’ve taken advantage of them if you had an ONS if they were intoxicated and this pleasurable experience can turn into a nightmare in a blink of an eye. That’s why it’s unbelievably important to know you’re both sober enough and willing to engage in the casual encounter.

When it comes to the encounter itself, there’s no other way to enjoy it but to clearly say what you like and don’t like during sex. Even though this can seem too much, it’s the best way to make sure you’ll have a great time. Some people love foreplay, others would rather skip it and go straight for the hardcore action. It’s a subjective thing and there’s no way of telling who likes what unless they say it or you ask them directly.

If you met someone through a casual sex site, there’s probably a short text about what the person likes and dislikes in bed. If you see things are moving forward, try and memorize as much of these things as possible because it will make your experience even better than you thought it could be!

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