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Couples Seeking Women

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

In the recent past, couples seeking women for threesomes have progressed from a filthy taboo to wild fictional and to an exciting sexual fun for committed couples. Today, they are just another common sexual fantasy for couples as well as single females. Whatever your reason for having a threesome, congratulation on adding this hot experience to your sexual life. Many apps offer online threesome dating for couples and swingers on the webs. However, not all these couples seeking girls sites can take you to have a threesome, and with some of these having lots of scammers and dead scammers. But this does not mean that there are no legit sites. This article goes through the best ways for couples seeking girls, couple looking for women or couple seeking females and useful online dating tips.  

The Relationships of Couples Seeking Women

Having someone by your side is a delightful thing, but some couples, despite being deeply affectionate with each other, seek a female to spice up their relationship. Rather than sacrificing the relationship due to the monotony of having sex with the same person, the couples seek a woman for a threesome to help spice and strengthen their relationship as well as satisfy their sexual desires. The extra female also offers extra pleasure, happiness, and excitement to both the male and female, adding more fun and satisfaction. The more the cheerier, it doesn't infer that there is no more love between them. It's a way of spicing and redefining the strength of the relationship. However, they need to be very open-minded and have open free communication in satisfying each other’s sexual fantasies.

The Best Ways of Couple Looking For Women

For couples seeking a female to spice things up in bed, it can be hard to find another potential partner willing to join you and your partner. Online threesome dating offers a great chance for a couple seeking women to fulfil their sexual fantasies. Many online dating sites, personal sites, escort agencies, reddit communities, and even Facebook groups can help swinger couples find a woman to join them in bed. 

1.    Dating sites for couples

Are you a couple looking for a woman to join you in bed? Here are so many MMF dating sites for open-minded couples and singles hanging out. Some of the best couples looking for women dating sites include; 

  • Visit AdultFriendFinder 

  • Find A Unicorn

  • Couple Looking For Threesome

  • 3some Dating online

  • GetItOn 


  • AshleyMadison


2.    Personal sites

If you are a couple looking for girls to join you in bed for a threesome, gone are the days of having to go out to restaurants or jam-packed bars to meet hot women. Today, many personal sites are customized with many exciting features to help sexy and open-minded couples find exciting dating experiences. Some of the best personal sites for couples seeking females include;

3.    Reddit communities

Couples can also look for a woman to have a threesome with through reddit communities such as; 







4.    Facebook group or communities 

While couples looking for women can use online dating sites, Facebook also offers a perfect platform to find the perfect match to join them in bed. Couples can join poly Facebook groups around the neighborhood and hook up with single females seeking to fulfil their threesome sexual fantasies. Such Facebook groups include;

  • Couples Goals

  • Women looking for couples

  • Couples looking for female

  • Unicorns and couples

  • Couples Paradise

  • UnicornFinder

5.    Local escort agency 

You have probably flirted with the idea of hiring an escort and enjoy a moment of passion. Well, about all the major cities in the US have escort agencies. Regardless of your location, you will always find a nearby escort willing to give you the ultimate threesome experience and make your ultimate fantasy a reality. You and your other can seek a female escort to join you in bed through local escort agencies such as; 

  • Las Vegas Female escorts

  • Anna’s Angels

  • Escort Miami

  • London escort

Effective Tips for Couples Seeking Females Online

The unicorn woman is a mythical creature with a full package of beauty, bisexuality, and willingness to fulfil you and your partner’s polyamorous fantasies. So how does a couple go about seeking a woman to join them for a threesome dating online successfully? 

1. Set Rules

Proper communication with your partner is essential when planning to seek another woman for a threesome. This will ensure you and your partner are on the same page. As a couple, you need to know where the limits are when engaging in the threesome. Ensure to make rules on the dos and don’ts and to determine when to stop and focus. Sometimes, the experience can take you away and make you forget that you still love your partner, and if you continue, you might lose them. For instance, you can say no to kissing the other woman, depending on how you both feel about it.  

2. Use the best sites for couples seeking girls.

It is crap of trying the old-fashioned route of hitting clubs and bars as a couple to find for a threesome friend partner. What works best is joining a threesome dating site or community online to create a couples account like those mentioned earlier. Here, you will find women actively looking to meet couples, plus you have an added advantage of looking through the profiles and pictures with your partner at the comfort of your home to find the perfect match. To increase your chances, you should consider adding a flattering picture, be clear and upfront about what you are looking for, send active messages to potential matches, and remain active on the site.  

3. Meet in social places

When you finally meet the woman you like, it’s always wise to make arrangements to meet in social places such as clubs to know each other. This ensures that you keep safe until you completely trust your date.

4. Always use protection

You have finally trusted and earned trust from a woman willing to join both of you for a threesome. When you decide to take your fantasy to the next level, your health as a couple should always be paramount. As you engage in a threesome, you should ensure proper use of condoms to prevent STDs. Although sexual fantasies always begin with erotic sprees and drinking parties, always remember your family and marriage come first, and their happiness depends on your choices.


Finding the perfect woman to join you both in a union where all of you feel satisfied requires time, patience, and open-mindedness. You should hence be prepared to have a lot of honest discussions, boundary setting, and patience. However, starting to be a swinging couple is not hard if you are both on the same page. The threesome sexual experience can surely help to spice things up in your relationship.  

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