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Couples Seeking Men - Help You Find Couples And Males

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

When seeking to be adventurous in your relationship, there are a lot of options out there for you and your partner.  Lately, more and more couples are seeking men or males to spice their bedroom matters. The thrill that ensues with the idea of a third party in the bedroom is both mind-blowing and pleasurable. Hence, couple looking for a male is a type of relationship that has become more popular and common as people have become more open with their sexuality.  It is a dream for most lovers with more than half of the couples seeking men having MW4M fantasy with a third man. Here is a look at the ways of couples seeking men and the useful tips for couple looking for the men online.

The Relationships of Couples Seeking Men

Most of the relationships with couples seeking men to get laid with are stable and are only looking for something to spice up and strengthen the relationship as well as fulfilling their partner’s sexual fantasies. Couples often lose attraction towards each other for having sex with the same person in similar positions again and again. When a couple engages in a MW4M , they get an opportunity to try out new positions, explore their sexuality, get kinky  and please themselves  which helps bring back the spark in their relationship. 

Ways of Couple Seeking Men or Males

It is difficult for couples seeking men to fulfil their sexual fantasy in reality. Fortunately, today there are many online dating sites, personal sites, escort agencies, reddit communities and even Facebook groups that can help swinger couples to find men for threesomes easily. 

1.    Dating sites for couples

If you are couple looking for a man to join your mfm threesomes in bed, these dating sites will help you meet your needs. They offer safe and private platforms dedicated to those seeking a three-way relationship. Some of the best dating sites for couples and men include; 

2.    Personal sites

MF4M is a common abbreviation for online personals meaning couples seeking for men or males. If you are one of these couples looking for a man to join you in bed, gone are the days of having to go out to restaurants or jam-packed bars to meet hot guys. Today, there is a lot of personal sites that are customized just for you. Some of the best personal sites for couples seeking for men include;

3.    Reddit communities

Couples can also look for a man to have a threesome with through reddit communities such as







4.    Facebook group or communities 

There are lots of Facebook groups and communities specifically for couples and singles interested in threesomes. You can find them through Facebook through the communities and groups. Such groups include; 

  • Couples Seeking Men

  • Married And Singles Seminar

  • Searching Couple

  • Relationship Goals

  • Successful Dating & Marriage

  • Unicorn Hunters

5.    Local escort agency 

About all the major cities in the US have escort agencies. Regardless of your location, you will always find a nearby escort willing to offer you the ultimate private moment’s passion that you desire. Couple can seek a male escort to join you in bed through local escort agencies such as; 

  • New York GFE Club

  • MintBoys

  • London escorts

  • Cow Boys 4 Angels

  • Miami Escort GF

Effective Tips of Couples Seeking Men Online

There are things you need to consider when looking at a man to join you for a threesome so that you can experience the true happiness of the sexual encounter.

1. Make A Good Impression

For a couple seeking male online, they need to consider why another man should join them in bed? It is hence crucial for the couples to create an excellent first impression that will make him happy to accept your offer. The third man requires to be sure you are both good people who do not have any concealed malicious plans.  

2. Do Have Photos As A Couple

There are lots of scammers in online dating. In most cases, fake couple profiles do not have a photo of both partners together. By having a photo of you two together, you will set yourself up to look more legitimate on couple’s hookup sites. If you are nervous about having your real pictures on your online dating profile, ensure you find a dating site with perfect user privacy. Most of the sites do not permit non-users to browse member’s profile photos. 

3. Spend Some Time Talking

Any sexual encounter should start with talking before getting into action. Before you even join dating sites for couples, you should first talk on what you are looking for with your partner. The couple and potential third partner should first meet and discuss what they want to get out of the experience along with their limits. This will establish a fair game and what is not. Due to the intensity of a threesome, you can consider setting up safe words so you can signal when you want to stop regardless of the reason.  It’s also important to talk and agree on whether a threesome will be a one-time thing or you will get together again. 

4. Never Overlook The Importance Of Safe Sex

The best ways for couples seeking men for a threesome to stay safe during the dating experience is by using condoms. With many STDs, couples seeking for a third player in their team should stay protected and should never get it because of some fun. The two parties should discuss safe sex at the early stages of their meeting and an agreement reached. You should also consider running a background check for increased confidentiality. 

5. Moderate Your Alcohol

Some people love drinking before trying something new, but you should avoid overdrinking before a threesome experience. Whereas you want to be able to remember a good portion of the threesome adventure, being drunk will make your threesome experience less enjoyable. As a general rule, you should not have more than a couple of drinks before the hookup. You should also avoid marijuana before the encounter. 


Now that you know some of the best online threesome dating sites and effective tips for couples seeking men online, we hope it has prepared you to start your search. If a threesome is one of your sexual fantasy, don’t waste time. Start talking with your partner about it and search for a good man to join you in a threesome. After the three-way date, the couple should also discuss the details of the date that makes you happy and the dissatisfaction to help make the next threesomes more perfect. You will find the experience both rewarding, exciting and is useful in giving your relationship a new spark.

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