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Couples Seeking Couples - Make Couples Dating Easy

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

According to some statistical reports, more than twenty million people in the US admit that they enjoy hooking up with other couples for some sexual fun. People are now outlining commitment in their way and one that works for them. This has seen more couples seeking like-minded couples to spice up their sex life and fulfill sexual fantasies. The rise of online dating sites has also made it easier for couples to hook up with other couples. However, with lots of dating sites claiming to be the best, it can be tricky to choose the best couples seeking couples site for your needs. This article goes through the best ways couples seek other couples and useful tips for seeking couples online.

The Relationships of Couples Seeking Couples

Having someone by your side is a delightful thing, but some couples, despite being deeply affectionate with each other, simply want something to spice up their relationship. Couples seeking couples seem to have much passion and love that they want to share it with extra people. The more, the merrier, and it doesn't imply there is no more love between them. It's a way of spicing and redefining the strength of the relationship. 

Ways of Couple Seeking Couples 

It is difficult for couples seeking couples to fulfill their sexual fantasy in reality. Luckily, today there are many online dating sites, personal sites, escort agencies, reddit communities, and even Facebook groups that can help swinger couples to find other couples to join them in bed. 

1.    Dating sites for couples

As open relationships and polyamory are gaining momentum, more couples dating sites are popping up to cater to poly couples seeking couples. Some of the best couples seeking couples dating sites include; 

2.    Personal sites

If you are a couple looking for couples to join you in bed for a foursome, gone are the days of having to go out to restaurants or jam-packed bars to meet hot couples. Today, there is a lot of personal sites that are customized just for you. Some of the best personal sites for couples seeking couples include;

3.    Reddit communities

Couples can also look for another couple to have a foursome with through reddit communities such as; 






4.    Facebook group or communities 

Couples seeking couples are surprisingly pretty common, even on social media sites. Couples can join poly Facebook groups around the neighborhood and hook up with other couples who have similar sexual fantasies. Such groups include; 

  • Couples Goals

  • Happy married couples forum

  • Couple love

  • Relationship Goals

  • Successful Dating & Marriage

  • Searching couple

5.    Local escort agency 

About all the major cities in the US have escort agencies. Regardless of your location, you will always find a nearby escort couple willing to give you the definitive private moment’s passion that you as a couple desires. You and your other can seek an escort to join you in bed through local escort agencies such as; 

  • Anna’s Angels

  • Charlotte Escorts

  • American Angels

  • Miami Escort GF

  • London Escorts

  • Las Vegas Female escorts

Effective Tips of Couples Seeking Couples Online

Engaging in sexual relationships, whether with one, three, or six partners, involves traversing individual desires, communicating, and setting boundaries. For couples searching for other couples online to be successful, here are some effective tips to consider.  

1. Assess what you want and ensure you and your partner are on the same page

When approaching the foursomes topic as a couple, you are likely to think about what is best for the couple without thinking about what you want yourself. Are you comfortable with it?  What are you seeking? It’s essential to know your stand before the two of you start finding another couple. Having open, authentic communication is also extremely crucial to ensure both of you have similar desires and take several conversations to reach the same page. 

2. Agree on how to handle things if one of you get jealous

There is a common misconception that people in open relationships don't get jealous, which is not valid. It's humane to have jealousy, feelings, and insecurities. However, you should be open to discussing them with your partner. This involves agreeing on what to do if feelings of insecurity or jealousy arise during the sexual encounter with the other couple. Will you pause and discuss your feelings? The communication between you and your partner should be direct and free-flowing otherwise;, it’s not the right time to bring in another couple.

3. Choose a high-quality dating site.

It may sound basic, but this is vital to start by choosing a high-quality dating site such as the best swinger dating sites.  With lots of dating sites options on the internet today, each with a specific and different vibe that attracts a particular crowd, you should start by identifying the best site for your needs. An excellent site for couples seeking couples can get twice the result with minimal effort. The above listed dating sites will indeed serve your purpose well.  

5. Make it obvious you are a couple.

Now it’s time to search for another couple online, and just like single dating on apps, there are ways of enhancing your chances, which comes down to communication, respect, and honesty. Start by making it evident as a couple by setting up your gender as 'couple' or signal your relationship status as non-monogamous. You should also set up a prominent profile photo of both of you for potential couples to decide whether they are attracted to you or not. Next, create a cute, engaging, and witty bio, and one that represents you. Lastly, you should be honest about your needs as a couple, whether you are looking for a one-time or regular fun.  

6. Always Maintain Safety

Once you hook up with the perfect couple, the first thing should be setting up a date at an outdoor setting to acquaint yourselves with each other and see whether you match. Once both parties are satisfied, the best way for you to stay safe during the dating experience is by using condoms. With many STDs, couples seeking another couples in their team should remain protected and never get it because of some fun. The two parties should discuss safe sex at the early stages of their meeting and an agreement reached. You should also consider running a background check for increased confidentiality.  


Two is fantastic, but three, four, or even more is even better. Now that you know the best online dating sites for couples seeking couples and practical tips to start online hookups, all you need to do is get your profile sorted and enjoy the fun that comes your way.  

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