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The Do's And Dont's for Dating A Trans Woman

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Just in case you don’t know or are a bit confused, a trans woman is a woman who was born a male. Some are fully transitioned (they have had surgery to fully become a female), some are still going through the process. A transgender woman is different from a transvestite. A transvestite is one who just wear clothes of the non-birth assigned gender. Regardless, women of any type deserve respect and love.

The “DON’S” for Dating a Trans Woman:

  • Don’t use the word tranny. This is derogatory.

  • Don’t call them a Drag Queen. This is a derogatory term for someone who wears the opposite genders clothes, not truly identifies and wants to or had become the gender they associate with. Calling them a drag queen will likely get you blocked.

  • Don’t hide her away like you are embarrassed. Show her to the world like you are proud of her! Although, this likely applies to any straight or trans person.

  • Don’t be stereotypical

  • Don’t expect her to be easy or try to get her to bed the first night. Especially if you both have been drinking.

  • Don’t ask her transition status in public or any other awkward questions.

  • Don’t assume she transitioned to trick a straight man into sleeping with her. As a cute little kid on a favorite old show used to say… “How Rude!” (Think Michelle from Full House)

The “Do’s” for Dating a Trans Woman

  • Do talk about sex before it happens. Find out what she likes, what she is comfortable with, and what is okay.

  • Do be supportive, especially if she is transitioning.

  • Have appropriate conversations in appropriate places.

  • Treat her with respect.

If you treat her with respect and dignity on a first transgender date you will have the foundation for something beautiful. If it doesn’t work in the romance department for whatever reason, there could still be a great friendship.

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