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20 Best Sexting Sites & Apps For Free Sexting Online Chat

Sexting is an interesting way to explore your sexual fantasy. Sexting apps and sites are the basic gateways to explore this sexting urge. They serve many purposes and part of it is that you can sext your partner or a total stranger to enhance your foreplay game. This makes it all fun. Asides from the fact that sexting apps are a good way to get started, it also enables you to meet new persons without the hassle of having to meet them in real life.

There are millions of sexting sites and applications that make it compulsory for you to drop money before you can enjoy sexting online. If the bill is a hindrance to you, then we are glad to inform you that there are other free sites that can allow you to enjoy free sexting. Here are our top 20 picks below:

Best Sexting Sites and Apps For Online Sexting Chat [Update in 2020]

1. Adult Friend Finder


If you are tired of the stress of small talks and the lengthy process of registration before getting a sexting partner, try out Adult Friend Finder. Unlike most other sexting sites, this platform is quite transparent and straightforward. All users are in search of either casual relations, chatrooms or dirty talk partners.

On this site, you get to meet a different set of people who have varying interests, sexual orientation, gender and experiences, no matter what your preference is. So fret not that won't find a suitable partner


  • Top both straightforwardness and transparency

  • Plenty of users with different sexual preferences and experience category


  • Sexting is free, but it is not free to view sexual content.

2. Ashley Madison


This is a sexting site with video and camera settings. Its unique feature is that it is a sexting done intellectually with married people. It is one safe way to engage in an online affair and cheat on your partner through sexting. If you aren't held back by any moral limitations, be sure that you would find many other potential partners on this app. To start, all you have to do is to set your profile. Afterwards, try chatting other people until you get what you want.

It is most likely that sexting wouldn't be just enough for most people. By just being on the site is enough risk posed to their marriage. So, expect that most will want to go more than sexting. It is left to you to decide what you want. The good news here is that there is a taboo factor binding all members of this community once you find a sexting partner: so enjoy!


  • Easy to use

  • Highly discrete and private


  • Marital risks

3. Tinder

You will fall in love with tinder considering the ease and simplicity with which the app can be operated. You either "swipe right" for yes or "swipe left" for no. This is a sexting application that has a lot of users and a huge following. Users can engage not only in sexting but also in casual online dating as most people love casual relationships. This is because the app is very discrete, private and limit all activities to the app only. This makes the relationship naturally gear towards a sext-only relationship.


  • Tinder is easy to navigate and use

  • No serious questions during the registration process


  • Might not operate under a hundred percent anonymity since no option guarantees that.

4. Confide

If you are so particular about your privacy and anonymity, this website is highly recommended for you. They offer top-notch secretive and discreet sexting services and you should check them out. With unmatched privacy and discreet sexts, it is really hard to do any identity trace or recognition here.

Most dating and sexting sites will require you to fill in your email and full name, even if no other requirements are required. Confide is different. Asides from this, it is almost not possible to track any message that has been sent out while chatting with your sext partner or to another person on this app.


  • No need to input your full name and email address during registration.

  • Topnotch privacy services.

  • Discreet and untraceable chats


  • Screenshot regulation settings are not bulletproof

5. Sextfriend

Sextfriend has taken sexting to another level entirely. You get to find other potential sexting partners in your area. You can also post content like private messages, photos and videos. What makes this app outstanding is that they have quick and simple sign up procedures and that's commendable.

To unlock better features, you can join all the various chat rooms and have a nice time. You have the option to view live videos of others in the chat room, but you have to switch to a premium member.


  • They offer other services, asides from sexting, which are free as well. They include a major private messaging application and a site's search engine.

  • Easy and Quick registration process.


  • Beginners might not be able to handle all its features.

6. JKMate

Perhaps ordinary texting sounds too crude and boring for you, check out this app. JKMate goes as far as connecting you with live models through the use of a webcam. You get to do a video chat with these models and other users present in the chat rooms as well. Note that this application is more of watching and enjoying than getting a dedicated sexting partner. An anonymous sexting feature is also made possible.


  • Free live videos.

  • You get access to live videos of beautiful models


  • Live videos are free but private requests aren't free.

7. ChatRandom

It can be strenuous spending hours on a dating site or hook up apps, searching for a suitable partner that shares the same interest as you. ChatRandom has made the work easier for you. Once you place a request, you are automatically paired with someone. If you do not feel comfortable with whoever you are paired with, fret not. All you have to do is to select the "next" button, and another sexting partner is suggested. Till you find your preference.


  • No stress in the search for a partner

  • You can use the search button also to search by location and interest.


  • It is possible to experience a bad match .

8. Seeking

Also known as seeking arrangement. Though it is a popular dating site, sexting is part of the features it comes along with. Seeking focuses on connecting successful men and attractive ladies. There have been cases where the sexting relationship escalates from online happening only into real-life meetings. But you can choose to make your relationship strictly be and limited to online activities only. It all depends on the partners in question.


  • You are linked with attractive men only.

  • You can do a video chat.


  • Even though it is a free site for women, men have an expensive membership plan.

9. Zoosk

Most other online dating apps are usually about casual relationships, but Zoosk is a little more than that. With the online dating app: Zoosk, you can either search for a committed relationship or a sexting partner. Zoosk has over forty million users, and this is quite a huge number. This is to show how people love the concept of the service they offer. This app has a photo verification feature, to reduce cases of scams and also a wide range of users, ranging from local users to international users.

Pros :

  • A huge fan base and community.

  • Available On smartphones.


  • The app isn't wholly about sexting; it is just part of it.

  • Confusion might occur because of clashing interests. An individual searching for a lifetime partner approaching someone interested only in sexting.

10. Instabang