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How to Keep Safe on Hookup Sites

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Many people participate in hookups for the major reason of spicing up their sex life and meeting people with equal sexual interests. For whatever reason you might be seeking a hookup, you must keep in mind certain points to ensure you have the most glitch-free pleasurable experience.

Assess the Right Platform and Get the Right Information

Assessing the right platform for your online hookup gives you plenty of leverage to ensure that you are on the safe side. Although this does not always guarantee your one hundred percent safety, it is, however, safer than randomly hooking up outside. And in case something goes wrong, there is a higher chance of catching the culprit through their profile on the hookukp sites. When signing up for a website, look out for its legibility and licenses, as well as the services they render. See if they have what you're looking for, to avoid falling into the wrong hands out of ignorance.

Set Up the Right Profile.

While it gets interesting to set up your profile and let your potential hookup partners know about you, it is also smarter to stay safe and not give out too much information. When it comes to hooking up, you should realize that you do not necessarily need to have in-depth knowledge of everything. Hence, roll with the flow and put up only the necessary information.

Play Safe

Playing safe in hookups goes beyond kidnap, rape, and assault as there are many STDs that you could catch out there, especially for girls having a casual sex who need to keep safe and health. Rather than having an irrelevant conversation and giving out important details, take some time to discuss health issues with your partner. And if you're not satisfied with them, ensure you take along your protection; condoms, contraceptive pills, and emergency pills in case the condoms fail.

Know When to Back Out

Many red flags can serve as pointers that your hookup experience would go south. These pointers could range from a lack of consent, excessive prying, and contradictory sexual goals, etc. It is cogent that you know when to stop and move on to a better option if it isn't working for you.

Share Your Location with Somebody

To be logical, it isn't entirely safe to meet up with someone that you have never met in their house or location picked out by them. It would however be better if you both decide on a neutral place unanimously, perhaps a hotel or a well-known guest house. Either way, you must tell at least someone where you are headed and when you are leaving. This would help in the investigation and evidence in case something went wrong.

Listen to Your Instincts

As strange as it may sound, your instincts do not always lie. It is not unusual to be unsure about someone, their location, their appearance, or even their manner of approach. Many people have testified of their instincts saving them on countless occasions when they would have been victims. For this reason, you should learn to trust your instincts when it comes to prying into your business.

Watch What You Consume

Hooking up could be a little overwhelming, particularly when you get a partner who wants to go out on a date or two. Sometimes, you might need to have a couple of strong drinks to calm your nerves, particularly if it is your first time. And other times, you find that you have to eat something or drink a glass of water. It isn't bad to accept a polite gesture from your hookup, but you must be extremely careful when it comes to what you put in your mouth. Avoid drinking already opened food, and do not continue to eat a meal if you have to take bathroom breaks while eating.

Always Have A Backup Plan

What would you do if you got stranded on your hookup, or your hookup isn't what you pictured in your head? What would you do if the condom broke? What would you do if your partner tried to take advantage of you? These are some of the necessary "what would you do" questions you should ask yourself from the onset. Having a backup plan should be a priority on your list.

Be Straightforward

Being straightforward is key when it comes to hooking up for casual sex. It might seem rude, but it is always better to define your likes and dislikes, set boundaries, and make your intentions clear to your partner. This way, you can avoid unnecessary casualties in the long run.

Last Thoughts

Online hooking up is fun and satisfactory if you know how to play your cards right, and it could also be an epic fail if you do not own the game. Similarly, it wouldn't turn out fun if your safety is threatened, hence you must remember that safety is paramount, and should be treated as such. We do hope that you find these tips helpful.

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