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7 Best Crossdresser Dating Sites

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The online dating experience is one great underrated experience. Everyone seems to be more connected online, and taking a step further by having a dating experience is also a daunting encounter. One great way this has helped people is how people of varying sexualities get to connect. One of such examples is the case of crossdressers.

Sad enough, there are many dating sites for crossdressers out there and getting to pick one to explore can be an arduous task. This is because there are many false recommendations, which can leave you confused than you formerly were. Therefore, we have compiled this list of the best crossdresser dating sites below for you. If you are looking forward to having a great relationship with a cross-dresser, keep scrolling to find the best crossdresser dating sites that suits your needs and preference.

1)   TSDates

TSDates has over eighty-eight million users. Messaging others is not free, and it is a good site for transsexuals, crossdressers and transgender people. Asides from this, it is a large group of people who have something in common: crossdressing. This is an excellent platform to meet crossdressers who might or might not be interested in looking for a dating partner. It might be for the same of a serious relationship or a casual one. Either depends on what both partners want from each other. While preparing your profile, you can set your profile in such a way that shows that you are in search of a guy, lady, or couple to date as a crossdresser. Even though people do not love admitting this in reality, there are many crossdressers singles out there, so be rest assured that you will indeed find your match and partner.

2)    Adult Friend Finder

The rate at which the entire populace has embraced this site is very alarming. How they keep on gaining hundreds of users every day is quite interesting as well. As of 2021, AdultFriendFinder has over thirty million subscribers all over the world. You get to have access to all the incentives on this website with zero naira. This website opens you to the opportunity to use different communication features. You also get to view a comprehensive database of crossdresser singles who can't wait to have you as their partners as well.

AdultFriendFinder boasts of itself as the number one adult dating website accommodating different people in different locations in the world. They also accommodate every sexual nature, ranging from crossdressers to gays to lesbians and couples looking for a third. You can also choose to subscribe to be a paid member with a token. This premium feature allows you to list the different people who will find them during searches. The search options comprise your interest and intent, appearance, gender and sexuality.

You can search for different categories, ranging from casual dating to threesomes and couples looking for a third. Here, the category to search for is crossdresser singles lady, crossdresser single guy or crossdresser couple. Another added advantage is that they built the application to make it easy to stay connected, no matter your location in the world. Your crossdresser dating partner is just a few miles away. Join this community, prepare your profile and send out a message today.

3)    DateACrossdresser

Just like some other dating sites, this site has a non-free messaging feature. This means that messaging other users on this website is not free. Despite messaging other private users, you can get other super offers for free on this crossdresser dating site if you are looking for a crossdresser single or couples to have a fantastic dating experience. You can freely connect with other crossdressers in any location in the world. This is because this website is not location-specific. Another exciting feature of this website is that it is straightforward to operate and navigate. Dateacrossdresser has over one hundred and eighty thousand subscribers in areas all over the world. Be sure to get a great dating experience with a crossdresser on this website.

4)    SeniorCrossdress

This site stands out because it is the only available site for senior crossdressers. If you are an open-minded person over fifty years of age, this online dating website is undoubtedly your best bet: especially if you are looking for a cross-dresser dating partner. To become acquainted with this website, you have first to set up a personal profile. This is free. After setting up your profile, you can then scan through the details of other crossdresser singles to check for someone that will match your interest.

Common to most dating sites is that most are too focused on creating flings and casual relationships. It is quite different on this website. There are options for a long-term type of relationship. Another exciting feature of this website is that you will get free advice on both lifestyle and dating issues. You are also open to a video chat option for those who prefer a personal online encounter. Besides access to a video chat option, crossdressers can also have personal calls for individual members from this website. This is an improved feature over video chat live sessions.

On this website, it doesn't matter whether you are just visiting or have been a member for a long time. Because the site is easy to navigate, you won't have a hard time exploring the website.

5)    Meet A Crossdresser

Meet a crossdresser has over two hundred and twenty thousand users all over the different locations in the world. They presently rated this website as the most fantastic and most entertaining crossdresser dating site that is getting embraced by crossdressers. You can find crossdresser singles on this site, just like you can get crossdresser couples to have a pleasant dating experience.

This excellent website has been in the business of connecting different people from all areas of the world. They have existed for over ten years. One constant thing about them is that they keep improving the features on their websites to enable their users to get maximum satisfaction from the service they offer. After opening your profile, you can flirt with it and also browse through other people’s profiles as well.

This site is also full of people with different gender and interests. You can always have fun while meeting new people and giving room for no pressure as well.

6)    Bdsm

This platform is an online dating website that attends to all your sexual needs and any form of dating. If you have been having pro ken with other dating sites, this is one site you can always resort to. This site has over ten thousand members online at a time, so if you cannot find a dating partner as a crossdresser, then it is ultimately your fault. This website is an excellent platform to connect with singles and couples who share the same sexual experience and nature with you. Getting crossdresser partners is another prominent feature. You can access gays and lesbians on this website, and you will also get a partner for yourself.

Gone are the days when crossdressers have difficulty meeting dating partners, either for the essence of companionship or casual encounters. Just by properly setting up your profile and positioning it in a way that people with like minds like yours will easily find you, be sure that you will get a partner on this website

7)    Crossdresser Dating Site

From unique experiences gathered from customers reviews and comments, this website has every potential to make you fall in love with crossdresser nature more while also embracing it to the fullest. This site has been around for a long time, and it is one of the oldest dating sites made explicitly for crossdressers. Cross-dresser dating site doesn't discriminate. It is open to everyone, not minding your sexuality, age, experience, and gender. Private messaging of other users who are crossdressers is not free, and they have over two hundred and twenty thousand users. You will indeed find your match on this crossdresser hook up site by properly setting up your profile. This increases your chances of getting a partner or partners that share the same preference and intention as yourself.

Another prominent feature that makes exceptional is how easy it is to operate all the available features and incentives. Some dating sites set up their websites so that only the premium members enjoy most of the benefits the website jas to offer. This isn't the case for this site. Even with the free version, you can explore single crossdresser partners who have been in dire search of a dating partner as well.


No matter your sexual nature, you can always get a dating partner. Online dating sites are here to make the work easier for you. You will get to meet different people with different sexual experiences, and with that, you will surely meet your search. This is an advantage online dating sites have over reality. These online dating websites have built a friendly environment where people can show their likes and explore their nature. Above are our top picks. Go through them and pick the one that works best for you.

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