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20 New things To Try in Bed for Couples

The art of sex can never die because there is always something new to try out. However, it can become a bit ritualistic and boring if you keep repeating old patterns, and that's not to mention the implications that a boring sex life could cause. Here are some tips to spice up your sex life and return some spark between you and your partner.

1. Master new sex positions

It is common to get tired and bored when you continue a pattern of doing something. Perhaps you are accustomed to missionary or doggy style, or any other sex position. You shouldn't limit your abilities as you can practice several positions at a go, there are some great sex position you can learn, Corkscrew, Face-Off, Pretzel Dip, Flatiron, G-whiz, Cowgirl's Helper, Wheelbarrow, Leap Frog, Stand and Deliver, Magic Mountain, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowboy, Ballet Dancer, Cross-Booty, The Caboose, Scoop Me Up, Reverse Scoop, Golden Arch, The Seashell, Butter Churner, The Chair Man, The Pinball Wizard, Valedictorian, Spork, Seated Wheelbarrow, Table Top, Champagne Room, The Om, Upstanding Citizen, The Spider, The Good Ex, The Lazy Man, Snow Angel and ect.

2. Playing Games

Playing games is one of the numerous ways to bring life back into your sex life. There are a handful of kinky games that you can try with your partner and they include truth or dare, strip card, hide and seek, etc.

3. Costumes and character roles

Costumes and role-playing are the main deals if you'd like to try something new. You can play roles of doctor and patient, zombie and victim, etc. Remember the goal is doing something different.

4. Testing the waters of BDSM

A little bondage in bed wouldn't hurt. You do not have to go extreme with the dom-sub role, however, you can play with the ropes around your hands and the blindfolds to heighten sensitivity while in bed. But you need to learn how to be a dominant before you start it.

5. Watching a sexy movie

There are a lot of movies you can make a selection from. Erotic movies have a way of stimulating sexual urges and heightening the pleasure from the experience. This is also a good method of disrupting an existing bedroom pattern.

6. Use your voice

Your words and sounds during sex should never be hoarded for you alone. Whisper dirty things to your partner, and moan out your pleasure while you're at it. It helps boost confidence during sex.

7. Playing with the toys

Never be afraid of the toys because they are toys, and for you to use as you like. No matter how small the adult sex toy is, they always leave an impact when they are used. You can start with basic sex toys here, and as you advance, include more in your collection as they never go out of fashion.

8. Masturbate together

We often think masturbating should be a personal experience. However, think about how hot it would be to watch your partner pleasure himself as you touch yourself also, reaching orgasm together. This is something you should try out.

9.Increase the oral sex

You probably haven't been having any form of oral sex or you're not having enough of it. Increase your oral game, and learn to take in as much as your mouth can handle at a time.

10.Make memories

It is fun, sexy, and exciting to make memories in bed. This could include taking pictures and making videos of you and your partner for your eyes only. And when you return to the bedroom, you can watch your previous videos over again.

11.Organize a sexy playlist

Music is the antidote to many things, and it heals the body, spirit, and soul. Take out time to craftily organize a playlist to boost your bedroom game with your partner and let the music usher you into a whole new experience.

12.Add some edibles

There are many ways that you can use edibles to make your sex life more exciting. Ice cream and chocolates can make a nice topping on sensitive parts of the body, and wine tends to become sweeter when your partner's body is the glass you're drinking from.

13.Invite a third party

Inviting a third party to enjoy sex with you could mean a variety of things at once. For example, you might enjoy being watched or watching others while they unite in sex. Also, you might like to share your partner with another man or woman, as the case may be. There HookupScout provides many threesome websites and best cuckold sites to help you couple find a third man or women into your three way fun. You'd never know until you try it.

14.Explore the house

The bed is comfortable for sex but think of other places that make your supposed bedroom experience more sensual. Bathroom sex is top-notch and so is sex on the kitchen island, the balcony, and anywhere in the house.

15.Take risks

Do not be afraid to take risks with your partner; the kind of risks that scream crazy and gives you an adrenaline rush. Try out sex in semi-public places like in the elevator or the garden or in car.

16.Create a romantic environment

Romantic baths, petals in the room, a glass of red wine, dimmed lights, and a nice dinner could be all you need to boost your sex game. This could also open other channels of exploration.

17.Knock on that back door

Have you tried out anal sex? If your answer is no, then you might want to consider anal sex with your partner as it is an exciting way to enjoy your bedroom activity. You can chip in some lubes and toys as you do this.

18.Prolong your sexual experience

Sex can become more interesting when you hold back your orgasm a little longer and enjoy the act in itself. Rather than making getting off your goal, try to enjoy the process it takes to get there instead.

19.Squeeze in some quickies

Quickies are so hot and sexy in different shades because you are working with pure unadulterated lust, and the fact that you don't have to take off all your items of clothing makes it more exciting. You can squeeze in some quickies while eating, before work, etc.

20. Actualize a deep sexual fantasy

If you've always had a thing for bondage, submission, mock rape, and some fetishes, you can live out your fantasy and try out some new things with your partner. You can even go to hookup apps to find a partner for sex and cheat your body once, but remember not to have any emotions with others.

Nobody deserves to have a boring sex life, and if you find yourself getting tired of sex, you should implement some of these strategies and see the revival come rapidly.

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