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11 Most Common Fetishes

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

We can all agree now that sex is not a straightforward topic to discuss. Some numerous components and determinants constitute what each person regards as a normal (or abnormal) sex. In contrast to formerly common beliefs, fetishes are normal and help many people get the pleasure they desire. Before we lose track of all the existing fetishes, below are some of the most common in no particular order.


BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism) has been revealed by different polls as the most common fetish singles and couples fantasize about. While that is partly due to how exciting BDSM is, it is also because it encompasses several behaviors, from gentle to intense.

Many people have found themselves giving or receiving at least one BDSM fetish, with most centering around the gentle aspects. BDSM has enjoyed wide publicity, thanks to the media and movies like 50 Shades of Grey. Those who partake in BDSM say it appeals to them because it allows them to explore different parts of themselves and their partners, so many people even join bdsm dating sites to explore their BDSM lifestyle.

It mainly involves partners acting as a submissive or dominant, with the submissive being a recipient of consented gentle striking, spanking, biting, tying up, or anything that is agreed upon as a form of domination. However, all the parties involved must discuss modalities and boundaries in advance.

2. Group Sex

This involves having sex with more than one partner at the same time. Many people’s fetishes involve sex with two other people in a threesome or with three others in a foursome. However, it is called an orgy when there are many people involved from multiple genders. The high point about group sex is there is no limit to the number of possibilities you can have. More men or women is entirely up to you all.

3. Voyeurism

Voyeurism is a fetish where people derive pleasure from seeing others have sex, undress, or expose their genitalia. Many people fantasize about other people’s nakedness, but if you want to involve in voyeurism, it must be with their consent. It appeals to many because humans are visual creatures, and it is just like watching porn happen in front of you.

4 .Cuckolding

Today, many people try out numerous experiences and that includes allowing their partner to engage in sex with others while they watch. Many people say cuckolding is about giving their partners more satisfaction while they get to boost their self-esteem with the ascertainment that someone else finds cuckold hot.

5. Edging

This is also known as orgasm control and it is sometimes classified under BDSM. With edging, a partner is made to enjoy the sensations until they are about to climax only for them to be stopped forcefully. This is done repeatedly and it allows the partner in charge to control the other person’s pleasure as they like.

6. Fetish for Body Parts

It is common for people to have fetishes for their partner’s body parts, like the hands, feet, hair, etc. The foot is the most common probably because it leads to the genitalia. Partners smell, kiss, massage, or get it on with these body parts and it’s an extremely satisfying fetish.

7. Latex fetish

Latex fetish is more common among men, but women can have a go at it too. When someone puts on a shiny tight latex, it sends interesting massages to their partners who cannot help but feel aroused. Many men have revealed how they enjoy seeing their partners tease them in tight latex skirts and how innovative it makes them get.

8. Role-Playing

While role-playing may require some costume, it is a deeply satisfying fetish many couples enjoy from time to time. It involves a partner or both partners dressing up as different characters who the other parties find arousing. It is common to find fetishes for doctors, cops, judges, teachers, etc. The fantasy these generate is immense and partners can explore various role-playing fetishes every time for novelty.

9. Food Fetish

Foods are not left out of sex and food fetishes are not far-fetched. This could range from simple acts, such as sharing foods through kissing or having your partners use their body parts as a plate from which you have to eat from with your mouth. It is also common for people to role foods, such as ice or strawberry on their partner's body as a means of giving them pleasure. Who says you cannot taste something sweet during sex?

10. Anal Sex

This is another fetish many people have either engaged in or fantasized about at a time in their lives. This can be as simple as using fingers, dildos, or butt plugs. It can also involve direct penile penetration through the butt. It may be painful at first since the butthole does not have its lubrication, but you can pull it off by taking things slowly. It is also extremely important that you practice proper hygiene when trying this.

11. Underwear and Clothing

It is not uncommon to find many people who are aroused by undergarments. Lingerie quickly comes to mind here but other tight-fitting or even loose wears appeal to various people. For some, this clothing has to be involved for them to get in the moment.


Many of these fetishes have been carried out by partners, either as a one-off thing or regularly. The most important part is obtaining consent and getting those with like minds. It is also essential to practice hygiene and ensure none of the partners has an STD. (How to Keep Safe And Healthy When Girls Have a Casual Sex) If you can ensure all these, you're good to go and can begin from here.

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