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10 Signs That A Girl Has Feelings When You're In A Hookup

How many times has it happened that a casual fling turned into something more serious? Honestly, there are about a million stories like that, and almost all of them started with a casual fling through these hookup sites on, a one night stand that turned into a few casual encounters. Sometimes the feelings go both ways but are well hidden and then it becomes unreadable.

We all know that we cannot control who are we going to get attached to, or not. Even less we can control who falls in love with us. It’s not like people fall head over heels in love with anyone that has ever been in their bed, but the risks are much greater if your casual sex partner, your friend with benefits is spending more time with you than you planned. A large number of people start as friends with benefits, but end up living happily ever after.

Feelings evolve, people change. This is a piece of common knowledge, it is in human nature to make deeper connections, to want to know more about a person that is close to them, whether we like it or not, its simple chemistry. Humans don’t like it when there is no chance of a relationship, girls especially. They want to try no matter what, they want to see where it goes, even more so if it’s some casual thing you have going on, you want to test its limits, see where’s it taking you.

A lot of human beings can’t even enter a friends with benefits type of relationship if there are absolutely no feelings involved, they can’t even enjoy themselves physically if the other person doesn’t care about them. We know, it sounds boring, but a lot of people get turned on by some sort of affection! So if you are in a casual fling and you are probably worried that your partner is starting to develop some feelings towards you, don’t be scared, it is normal. Plus, it is not always a bad thing. It can be so beautiful if the feelings are mutual and if there is nothing to stop you from going through with it! Now, we come to the point of it all. Do you need to find out if your friend with benefits is falling for you? Here are 10 signs and how to read them!

She Wants To Have More And More Time With You

When you’re casually seeing somebody, it’s usually the physical part that you are interested in the most. But when all of those nights you spent with the person turn into days, it makes you realize she also really enjoys talking or laughing or watching movies, and all of a sudden she starts pushing for more and more time with you. Out of nowhere she just looks forward to spending time together outside the bedroom. Major red flag alert!

Your Texting Changes, What Was Sexting Before It’s Friendly Chit Chat Now

Before it was simple, something like a sex calendar and sex arranger, just classic casual hookup stuff. She texts you even when there is no chance to see each other that day, never even mention your arrangement. You talk about work problems, she talks about what happened to her that day. Cracking jokes, trying to be clever, want to impress. All of the signs that things are not how they used to be, and that you and your casual fling aren’t what you used to be. You know all about her life, she tells you her secrets and it goes vice versa. That is a very emotional territory and you need to be careful!

She Starts Missing You And Lets You Know It

What was a casual fling in the beginning and meetups once or twice a week turned into day to day hookups followed by sharing a meal or just taking a walk? Are those dates? Sure looks like it. And then if by any chance something comes up and you don’t meet, she misses you? Everything reminds her of you and you heard she’s been talking about you to her friends, or anybody who would listen. These things are normal, but also a sign of changes, your friend with benefits just might not be only that anymore.

She Is Not Interested In Anybody Else Anymore

She’s single and until recently, enjoyed the attention of other men. You knew that a hot piece like that must have tons of admirers but now you hear stories, out of the blue, none of the other guys are good enough anymore. Even though you two have a casual fling, she is loyal to you. That means that from a hookup she became hooked, to you.


In this kind of arrangement, none of the included have the right to become obsessive, possessive, or anything in that tone. Starts peaking into your phone and keeps asking you about your whereabouts even when you didn’t make any deals with her for that night. It is then obvious that she wants a bigger part from the one you're giving her.

She Touches You Even When There’s No Sex Included

Her body language can give it all away. If you notice her brushing her shoulders or reaching for your hand while walking. Puts her legs over you and acts likes she wants to cuddle, you know what time it is. She wants you and nothing else matters for her anymore.

Just You Being There Lightens Her Up

She can’t help it, every time you two are together there is a certain glow about her. When she is there in front of you, she does the most stupid things, you can see you make her so awake! And she hates it because she didn’t see your side of it yet. This is a clear sign she’s falling for you!

She Starts Making Elaborate Plans

Sure, you meet spontaneously and kiss, chat, canoodle, spoon. But she recently discovered her shared interests and it feels nice for the both of you. Ok, maybe more for her than to you, for now, but you get it. She starts making lists of propositions of all the things you guys can do together, and none of them involve getting freaky in bed. This is a giant clue she wants your soul as well as the body.

Giving You Cute Little Nickname

Friends with benefits don’t do that, it’s such a “relationship” thing to do. When she doesn’t use your name or at least the nickname everybody is using. When you become “baby, puppy, hubby, cutie”, or something like that, you are not a casual hookup anymore, my friend. You’re on your way to becoming a boyfriend.

You Bring Your Friends I’ll Bring My Friends

It’s not a common thing to introduce your hookup to your friends. We don’t mix that part of our lives with our closest social circle. If that starts to happen, either she went mad, or you are not her friend with benefits anymore, if you were, it would just be awkward when the two of you are done, and she obviously doesn’t want you to be done. You know it’s getting serious when she wants you to hang out in her group and you are fitting right in with them!

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