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How To Identify The Really Premium Sugar Daddy?

Do strong sexy older men effortlessly turn you on? Does the possibility of delighting in his vast wealth, traveling the world in luxury cruises, flying business class, and hitting the finest restaurants in town tickle your fancy? Well, you are deep into sugar daddies and you should get one already for a transactional, mutually beneficial relationship.

Screw the inappropriateness of your age gap because older men will treat you way better than guys in your age bracket. They are mature, deep, and genuinely care about your welfare. Plus, every successful man today is getting a younger wife to take care of their sexual needs and perhaps offer some companionship. The foxy and charming George Clooney, for instance, is happily married to Amal despite their 17-year age gap. Billionaire Donald Trump is 23 years older than Melania, and he just made her the first lady of the United States (talk of raising the bar too high for the typical sugar daddy.)

Point is, Sugar daddies/ sugar babies’ arrangements are more common than you may realize, and they often involve generous financial perks for the younger ladies. Unfortunately, landing a genuine sugar daddy is not easy. Understand that most of the sugar daddies have their families and are not interested in a conventional relationship, which means that you cannot find them conventionally either. Also, if you are not discerning, you might be taken for a ride by broke dudes playing rich on the internet to score gullible young ladies looking for sugar daddies on sugar daddy dating sites. Here is how to identify a premium sugar daddy;

A real sugar daddy is some older rich chap that doesn’t mind swinging around the weight of his money to win over a lady. They made ridiculously big money in their youth which they spend lavishly with younger girls looking for financial assistance in exchange for a full girlfriend experience.

You’ll first notice their age –a foxy older man, perhaps twice your age looking all naughty and interested in having fun with younger women. They are often classy, a Rolex may be, nice suit, driving an elegant car. Unlike guys your age, sugar daddies won’t approach you with cheesy misogynistic pickup lines with explicit references to you’re a**, or rack! Relationships with them are purely transactional - they might never call you in the morning to applaud you about last time but would do so the next time their schedule opens up, Don’t take it personally!

2. They’ll Tell You Upfront

Sugar daddies never hide their intentions from the word go. They are flashy, old-school, and like putting a price tag on things, including their preferred woman. Do not be surprised after exchanging pleasantries, either online or at a bar, when they ask upfront what it would cost to talk you out of your beautiful dress. They don’t have the time to court and make you grow into them. They let you know that they are interested in a transactional relationship, no strings attached! Having known that, you’ll be doomed to play hard to get the same way you would do to the younger folk that delight the thrill of the chase.

The best response is asking for time and date -and perhaps allow him to pick your outfit, he’d be flattered. He might even order the outfit for you -just promise to send him photos while fitting. Throw in an up-close image of your cleavage, and he might consider picking you up for the date instead of sending you cab money.

3. They Are Always Busy

It takes money to be a sugar daddy, and moneyed folks are always busy. Your typical sugar daddy will always have a tight schedule. He will occasionally make up excuses for failing to show up, not picking your calls, and not calling back. A sugar daddy can’t meet you every day after work but will always make time when he needs to.

Of course, another likely interpretation about his busy schedule is that he has a family, and you can’t always be his priority. Regardless, you need to keep your head straight and remember that you are in the arrangement for the gifts and money and not to win his heart. You’d be lucky if he asks for your hand in marriage, it is the best it can get.

4. Where You Meet Him Speaks Volumes

Where you meet a person tells a lot about them. We’ve already established the premise that sugar daddies are filthy rich, which means that they hang out with their equally wealthy counterparts. The key to landing a sugar daddy lies in finding out where they congregate. Charity events, for instance, are likely hangouts for wealthy sugar daddies. Philanthropy makes them feel better about themselves, so try attending one of these. If you can gain access to the expensive golf courses and country clubs around your area, then your chances of landing a rich sugar daddy are high.

However, one place that you can’t go wrong is the internet. Sugar daddy websites and apps remove the awkwardness of first encounters and lay intentions clear. By joining these sites, you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into, and you would be out of line to act rudely when someone asks for your price. The problem with sugar daddies’ websites is that they are rigged with scammers that play rich but don’t have a dime to their names. Fortunately, you can still find genuine platforms like whose sugar daddies are vetted thoroughly to rid scammers.

5. Regular Bars And Restaurants

A rich sugar daddy desperately looking for a dazzling young woman to spoil would come looking. They would join them at their regular spots and try their luck picking them up. The sugar daddy that makes this kind of effort is a keeper, and the girl that finds him is lucky. Even when he drops class, you’ll still notice that they are loaded from the small things like their tone towards money, attire, and cars.

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