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The Ultimate Guide on How to Cuckold You Husband

Do you want to learn how to cuckold your husband? Would you love to see your husband get laid with another person? Then, you do not need to worry as this content is the ultimate guide you need to cuckold your husband.

Are you a hotwife but a newbie to this kind of sexual attitude? Is this your first experience with cuckolding? Well, do not buy into the lie that it has to be awful. You can start as an expert. After all, experience is the best teacher.

Follow closely to learn how to achieve this. Note that this content is for beginners to be on top of their game.

Now to the real issue, how to cuckold your husband?

Before going into details, you must understand that communication is the most important ingredient in a cuckold relationship. Generally, you must be ready to communicate properly to have a quality experience with your partner. This determines how you can have a great relationship and even a lasting one.

8 Ways to Cuckold Your Husband

This section contains eight ways that every beginner needs to cuckold their husband. Note that, this is not in any particular order.

1. Gradually work on him to fully become yours

Turing your partner to become yours requires a lot of patience. However, it is the most foundational step in working on your husband. You have to make him yours and slowly dominate them. There are different ways to begin this;

  1. Always make your bed and prepare it for sex.

  2. Book hotels and plan vacation trips.

  3. Schedule dates.

  4. Consider menial FEMDOM activities

  5. Practice cuckold cum cleanup training

  6. Be their personal shopper

You are doing all these activities to boss him around. Give instructions like, “do the laundry. Cook for me.” Also, when you are engaged in sexual acts, give instructions as to the position you want them to take. You can tell them to suck your toes, eat you up, or that he opens his mouth for you to spit in it.

One thing you must know is that all of these activities are important and they subtly make him yield to you. Do not forget, the process is gradual. He has to become submissive to you in the bedroom and your regular life. These baby steps will make him yours.

2. Give signs that you want him to sleep with another

Since you are already becoming in charge, you can provide some hints to your husband about being with another person. The best way to introduce this to them is by teasing them. You can show them hot guys and watch their reactions to the same.

If they do not make any reaction, you can go further to suggest inviting them over for dinner or a date. Playing this game well can help you land a guy in bed within a short time. Also, it is a great approach to foreplay till they commit their all to your desire.

Since there is no formula to this, you can also let them know another guy wants to go down with you. The goal is to give them an idea that any person wants you and you can easily get them too. However, you are with them because they are obedient to you and will do your will or bidding.

3. Consume adult content together

You can read erotica and watch porn together. This is the easiest way to influence your husband. During this moment, you can know his kinks and fetishes and explore it together.

Remember, you are in charge. Hence, you should compile specific videos you want them to see with you. You can watch them before viewing them with them to decide if it is the appropriate video for cuckolding them or otherwise.

Netflix and Chill may not drive home the point. You may have to do more talking about the experience and not get dirty. However, pornography does the job. You will discuss what you love together and even other kinky interests they may have. In the same vein, you can masturbate with them to make them feel at home.

Also, talk about the coming days and other experiences they would love to explore. If they feel safe and free to discuss their interests with you, you are a step closer to cuckolding your husband.

Reading erotica can have a better effect. A person can read while the other does the act. For example, you can read while your husband eats you up. After a while, you can reverse the role. Audiobooks are another way to establish a deeper exploration of the cuckold world.

4. Flirt with other men

Flirting with another man (boyfriend or husband of another) shows how intentional you are. Nevertheless, you must start with this. Keep reading to learn the how.

You can decide to flirt with other people in his presence. Well, this can be humiliating for him but the idea is much more. You want more fun moments with him.

Really, you can take it further to flirt with his friends. A little extra? Well, do not forget you want to be the one controlling the affairs. Have funny talks with them like, “I don’t text anymore. I now sext.” You can look at him (your partner) sexily while doing this.

You can have these conversations with friends via chat. Then, proceed to share with your husband. Let them know there are several hot men that are ready and involved with you.

The use of cuckold sites will always be a valid choice. Let him see the great matches you have. End the day with direct instructions on what you will have him do.

5.Plan Date time

Are you thinking the date is with him (your partner)? No, you are beginning to lose concentration. Remember, you want to get him jealous and do your bidding to keep him.

Go on a date with another man but you do not have to have sex in them. All you do can be shots of drinks and a lot of flirting. The rule has been to go gradually before delving into the waters. As a result, the date can be harmless.

You can make your husband tag along and be your sober driver. This way, he will see what you want and be quick to grant your cuckold desires. Your actions are preparing your partner emotionally.

6. Naughty Messages will go a long way

Online sexting is an integral aspect of a cuckold relationship. Every healthy couple does a lot of sexting to engage their partners and get them to fulfill their kinkiest interests. The next question is, how do I go about this?

You only need to send the right texts to get them to your bidding. Examples of such texts will include,

“I am at this gym and I can see a hot guy. Do you think I should approach him for his number?”

“My trainer has been staring at me all day. I think he wants to eat me up. What do you think? Should I ask him if he wants?”

“I am very horny right now. Can you imagine what having sex with your friend, Chris would look like right now?”

You can take it a step further by sending some naughty videos or pictures to get aroused. Similarly, you can make it more interesting by sending them some errands like, “prepare my favorite lingerie.” “Go and buy some condoms.”

Giving you all will be rewarding. Hence, all of these activities have an influence on your husband. Sometimes, you have to take it slow and keep some activities for the later stage. Know what works best for him and make the right move like a game of chess.

7. Get Physical with Another Man

Getting physical with another man sounds like a whole lot, right? Well, it is. However, you are solely in charge and can decide if going that far will be worthwhile.

Would not mind a little advice? It is better that you do not have this approach as a beginner. Are you an expert? Keep reading to learn more details and get it all lit.

You can proceed to kiss another man on their forehead or cheeks. This act may not mean much as it is a common way of greeting in some places of the world. Nevertheless, it is better to do this with your cuck friends.

French kisses are not advisable. Only an experienced person with cuckolding can go this far and even make love to another person while their husband is there. Of course, you must be sure that this will not cause more problems or be the end of your relationship with your husband.

You can agree to meet a person on a cuckold dating site or a threesome website. Also, you have to make decisions about the place of activity. Your home is a valid option but your husband may not want to see such a person around your house again. Hence, you can consult them to fix the perfect location to meet and make love to the other man.

Getting physical may be a daring step but the message is clear. It is the strongest approach to getting your partner to become a cuck. Blast the music and get it all lit.

8. Carry your partner along

A big mistake you can make in all of these is to remove your husband from the whole equation. This can cause a big heartbreak or disappointment. Eventually, they may feel scared that they are losing you and not want to commit again.

Instead, tell them everything you do. From the start of the activities to the end, try not to miss out on any detail.

Definitely, your partner may be away on some of the days when you are flirting with another man or when they are making love to you. You have a duty to keep him posted.

You can send text messages or send a voice note about the activities. It would not be a bad option to send images before it all gets dirty too. Share both the exciting parts and the daydreaming side of the story.

If they want to be your sober driver, do not say no. You can even instruct that. Do not forget that you want to cuckold him. It is important to give them instructions and get them to do things for you on D-day. This way, you can gist them all the way back home.


Cuckold your husband is not child's play. However, it is not an impossible mission. You must be ready for the activity and possible consequences. As a beginner, know the things you can do and where to draw the line. As you become an expert, always be in charge.

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