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How To Become A Webcam Girl And Make Money?

In this day and age, when the whole world is on some sort of pause due to the coronavirus crisis, many people try to find something to tickle their minds, stir up their senses and invoke some of the emotions which are now “forbidden” like our permission to move, socialize and touch. But when one thing is gone, other things emerge, so, since people are on lockdown in their homes, a lot of them are in great need of WEBCAM GIRLS.

Because there’s so much demand for sexy cam girls, more and more girls are deciding to make this their full-time career. If you’re someone who’s thinking about becoming a webcam girl, we will do our best to prepare you for this fiery voyage.

Get Appropriate Camming Equipment

Before you even think about going down this path, you need to have valid equipment that meets the requirements necessary to become a webcam model. First of all, you should start with a laptop, it is really important to have one of the newer generations of computers so your software will work with a nice flow and no uncomfortable breaks and glitches.

Second of all, you need a webcam, for obvious reasons. Most people would recommend the Logitech webcam because of the proven quality over the years, but it’s all up to you. The important thing is the video and audio quality of your videos are in high definition. The better you present yourself, the bigger the chance is for the people in the chat room to become seriously attracted to you, and to want more of whatever you are giving them. Many of the new models couldn’t understand the importance of all the above so their careers didn’t last long.

Sign Up To A Couple Of Cam Sites You Find Interesting

Now, after you got your equipment, it is time for the next step. Choosing a cam site is also a very important feature and you need to do it carefully. There are many options on where to begin your cam girl career, and one of the most popular cam sites is definitely Chaturbate, simply because of the traffic that goes through that site on a daily basis. At least at the moment.

Making money quickly is not an option on any site, but here you can establish yourself more quickly than in other places. These are personal affinities so you can try applying on OnlyFans, StripChat, BongaCams, etc. Chaturbate offers “apps and bots” which you can use to help make things more interesting for more curious viewers by providing tipping games and setting up tip goals. It is not necessary to know how to use the apps and bots to do well, but it helps you to come prepared and get familiar with how they work. Just go on cam and experiment, so that you can get a feel for how they can assist you with running your room. Token Keno is the best one to start with, and it is by far the most popular app on the site. Some sites like Chatubate allow you to upload and sell some of your videos. That is also one of the ways to make money as a webcam girl.

Choose An Interesting Username

Even before signing up for some of the sites (Chaturbate, OnlyFans, StripChat), you must choose your model name. Whichever you wish, but keep in mind that your name needs to be cool, needs to be memorable, needs to be you. But watch out, because you need to choose one that nobody else has.

Viewers get attached to a certain model and want connection only with that specific one. So double names could lead to some sort of confusion and discomfort. After all, the only thing important is that your name reflects the type of model you want to be. So, when you think you have the winner, try and google it so you make sure nobody else already took that name.

Take Care Of Your Body And Your Spirit

We think it goes without saying that your look means everything in this business. Daily workouts, strict diets, skin treatments should become your everyday routine. You need to work on your personality, because people want to feel welcome, they want to think that you are feeling the same as they are feeling.

As for personality check goes, always smile, tease them, make them forget that you are the girl on the screen, make yourself real for them. If you manage to control yourself, you will control them, and if you got it, you will last long in this line of work.

How To Attract Viewers And Get Tips?

We came to the end of our little guide, but this last lesson is why you are here. If you did all of the above and you think you are ready to start with live cam broadcasting, here is the last thing you need to know.

How to make them love you? How to wake up their lust for you? What do you need to do to get a reward, a big fat tip, and all that comes with it?

First of all, you need to make your chat room a fun place. Being talkative and friendly with your viewers always helps a great deal. Laugh, just, be yourself. They came there to see a girl having a good time and you need to give them that. If you are nervous, have a drink or two, just to loosen you up, first, you need to feel comfortable to make them believe you.

It might be hard in the beginning, but certain friendships lead to making some big bucks in the future. So the recipe is simple, you have fun and make friends, and those friends are willing to give you tips. Don’t think that just being pretty and naked will make somebody give you a tip. It’s not that easy, they need to know you to tip you.

In conclusion, we will summarise it all. Look good, have fun, make friends, and all you wanted out of this will come.

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