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Best 10 Cheating and Affair Sites for Married People in 2023

Affair Dating for cheating spouses

Affair dating is a taboo for most people in married relationships. However, for some married people, looking for extramarital affairs is a special secret weapon to spice life up. Married but looking is a way that is discreet and does not destroy their personal life. Of course you need to find safe and discreet affair sites to help you explore your passions and feelings.

There are a lot of cheating and affair sites for married people to find an affair on the market. But some of them are high-quality, some of them are bad, and most people find it difficult to choose an affair site. Fortunately, after reviewing dozens of affair sites, our experts selected the top 10 cheating and affair sites for married people to find affairs and explore your passions and feelings discreetly. You no longer need to spend time and money To try and fail countless times, all you have to do is check out our affair sites and join one of them to find an affair.

The Top 10 Affair Sites to Find An Affair

1. AshleyMadison

AshleyMadison - Largest Affair Site to Find An Affair
AshleyMadison - Largest Affair Site to Find An Affair

The married dating industry was revolutionized by Ashley Madison, which was established in 2001 and the best one of affair sites especially for people who are married but looking. The site's immense following is a testament to its success, with individuals seeking extramarital and discreet relationships flocking to it as their first choice. AshleyMadison boasts an impressive monthly membership of approximately 65 million.


  • The target audience is those looking for an affair

  • The search filter is very helpful and broader than comparable platforms

  • Very wide range of users (34+ million)

  • Women get to message free

  • Billing information is incognito

  • There are no maximum daily matches


  • A free plan is kind of pointless

  • You're likely to run into fake accounts


  • Basic – $49.00 for 100 credits

  • Classic – $149.00 for 500 credits

  • Elite – $249.00 for 1,000 credits

Sending 1 message is 14 credits. Doing a little math, you can send 7-8 messages for $49. Yikes

Free Features:

  • For women - it's all free!!

  • For men, you have more of a pay-to-play situation. If you aren't looking to spend any money, knock your heart out with sending winks and browsing all of the profiles. But this doesn't look like a successful operation.

Paid Membership Features:

  • Massage other members

  • Enjoy the video chat feature

  • Get private photo access

  • Blur your photos

  • Feature your profile for a boost of recognition

Highlight Features:

  • Panic Button

  • Gifts

  • Winks

  • Elite Plan: Free chat for 24 hours and you are rewarded with the status "Priority Man". This puts your profile at the top of any user's search results.

  • Traveling Man: Are you someone who is constantly traveling for work? Using this feature will let you input the city you plan on traveling to soon. You will get 30 messages to send to female users in that city.

  • Affair Guarantee: You are given 3 months risk free to find your perfect affair. If you are unsuccessful, Ashley Madison happily refunds your membership.

  • Keys for Private Showcases: These 'keys' allow you to send and access private photos

  • Fantasy Date: Why wait to meet up? Go on a date with one of the members and customize the vibe of your virtual date.

2. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder - Married but Looking
AdultFriendFinder - Married but Looking

AFF(AdultFriendFinder) is an all-inclusive site for anyone and everyone looking for a friend including finding an affair or married but looking. For those seeking to unleash their adventurous side, AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform among affair sites. It boasts a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, making it a popular choice among people who are married and find an affair.

The affair site offers various communication tools, including video chats and virtual gifts, enabling you to connect with people from different parts of the world and find your ideal partner.

When it has become your mission to find local married women or men, AFF is one of the top affair websites for married women or men. Once registered you can immediately view who is currently online, nearby users, and who the hottest members are at the moment. From here you can filter

through age, gender and relationship, so you can find an affair easily.


  • Widely known and used by millions of people

  • Customer support is available 24/7

  • Free registration

  • Mobile friendly app


  • Profiles are hit and miss between real and fake or inactive profiles

  • The free version lacks most of the features that are beneficial to succeed on the

  • platform

  • Ads are just a portal to a different website

  • Heavy on the male members

  • You cannot send messages or read any messages sent to you with the free membership


  • $14.95 a month 12 months or $180

  • $19.95 a month 6 months or $90

  • $24.95 a month

Free Features:

  • Chatroom groups

  • "Hot or Not" spin-the-wheel matchmaking

  • Like profile pics and videos

  • Build your favorites in a "Hotlist"

Paid Membership Features:

  • View a user's complete profile

  • Send and receive gifts

  • Send and read messages

  • Chat with other users

  • Live stream

  • Sex Academy

3. HeatedAffairs

As the largest one of cheating and affair sites, HeatedAffairs has attracted millions of members, the most of them wish to find online affair and cheating spouses. With HeatedAffairs, individuals can now conceal their actions from anyone. The website's design prioritizes privacy and discretion to ensure that one's spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend is not made aware of their affair. The platform boasts a membership of approximately 48 million individuals with diverse sexual orientations, including singles, married couples, groups, lesbians, gays, straights, and anyone seeking an adventure.


  • Earn points

  • Verified profiles

  • Video chat feature for free members

  • LGBT filters

  • Profiles have the ability to be very detailed


  • A notably overwhelming web design


  • 1 month – $19.95 Standard and $39.95 for Gold

  • 3 months – $35.95 Standard ( $11.95 per month) and $80.85 for Gold ($26.95 per month)

  • 1 year – $107.40 Standard ($8.95 per month) and $239.4 for Gold ($19.95 per month)

Free Features:

  • Add up to 200 user profiles on your 'hotlist'

  • Chat room messaging

  • Access to contest pictures that you can comment and like

  • Like other members photos and videos

Paid Membership Features:

  • Add up to 1000 user profiles on your 'hotlist'

  • Access to all photos and videos on a members page

  • Friend requests can be sent to anyone on the platform

  • Enjoy the amazing resources on the Sex Academy

Highlight Features:

  • Sex Quiz: go through a little questionnaire of your kinks, fetishes, and what makes you pure... if at all

  • Personality Quiz: these can sound draining and pointless but it's quite the opposite. This quiz is only 25 questions and helps you with matching other members like you.

  • You are prompted to answer an optional 16 questions that narrow down the kind of match you are looking for.

  • X Rated Movies: There is a library of over 2000 adult movies in HD that you can view for 3 days after paying $2

4. What’sYourPrice

To ensure a secure transaction, the website does not facilitate money transfer. Instead, it suggests paying half of the amount in advance and the remaining half after the date. This approach prevents you from being cheated and ensures that your date does not abscond. Additionally, if any participant fails to fulfill their commitment, you can report them to the website, resulting in their immediate ban. Since most users do not want to be banned from the site, they will likely adhere to the agreement.

The cost of a typical date can range from $50 to $200, with an average of around $120 according to the website. You only have to pay for credits on What's Your Price when setting up your first date, and then you'll negotiate and pay for the agreed-upon activities with your date. If you're the one being bid on, you won't have to pay anything.


  • No commitment to memberships

  • Members on the site are all there for the same thing

  • Don't pay until your date is accepted


  • You can get ghosted after paying for a date

  • Many of the ‘attractive’ profiles are escorts

  • There is no live cam feature


Message Credits - Cost - Price Breakdown

100 credits - $50 - $0.50 per credit

500 credits - $150 - $0.30 per credit

1000 credits - $250 - $0.25 per credit

Paid Membership Features:

  • Bids can be rejected and the bidder needs to be out. They can be accepted, and, fromthere,e you are able to message back and forth.

  • Counter offer bids from your potential dates

  • If an attractor is being bid on by multiple generous members, they might ask you to match the price of other bidders.

  • Bidding

  • Winks for free

  • Private photos (can bid to view)

5. VictoriaMillan

The Victoriamilan platform is designed for people who are in relationships but are open to having extramarital affairs. It is a popular affair website for romantic flirting and infidelity, with over 6 million members.

The platform guarantees the anonymity and safety of its users, regardless of their marital status or relationship status. Victoriamilan accepts anyone who is interested in having a casual fling, regardless of whether they are married, engaged, in a relationship, or single.


  • Simple user interface to navigate

  • Browse for members completely anonymous

  • Very secure platform


  • Most members are located in Europe

  • Small community of only 7 million users

  • Costs add up quickly.

  • You have to commit to 3 months with a premium membership


  • 3 months– $149.97 ($49.99 per month)

  • 6 months– $239.94 ($39.99 per month)

  • 12 months– $359.88 ($29.99 per month)

Free Features:

  • Create your customized profile

  • Use search filters to find other users

  • Access the users who have viewed your profile

  • View other members public photos

  • Winks

  • Add members to your 'favorites list'

Paid Membership Features:

  • Logs you out automatically

  • Photos can be hidden

  • Blur or add a sticker to your face in photos (anonymiser tool)

  • Messaging

  • Send gifts and see who has sent you gifts

  • Get all notifications

  • Panic Button?

  • Chatbox

6. Passion

If you're on the lookout for an online cheating spouses with a vast number of attractive married women, is the perfect one of affair sites for you. It offers a wide range of communication tools and activities to keep you engaged. Moreover, it provides video and live cam options to help you quickly find right person.

You can even pay extra for additional features, such as allowing free members to respond to your messages. This feature can be advantageous as it enables you to connect with new members immediately without them having to pay for a gold membership. This can give you an advantage over other members who do not have this feature.


  • Access upgraded features for a small price instead of commiting to a membership

  • The search filter includes your kinks

  • Won't be overwhelmed with an X-rated website design


  • Huge lack of moderators who control fake and scam profiles

  • Only accessible on a desktop

  • Can seem like a popularity contest to other users


  • 1 month- $31

  • 3 months- $73

  • 12 months- $198


  • $3.30 for 200 credits

  • $6.60 for 500 credits

  • $11.00 for 1,000 credits

Free Features:

  • Get access to members pics and videos

  • View live webcams unlimitedly

  • Flirt

  • Write blog posts

  • Interact with comments on any live broadcast

Paid Membership Features:

  • Vote on the hottest members

  • Earn and purchase points

  • Engage in group chats

  • View the adult movie library

Highlight Features:

  • What's Hot?: This section is available to all members. Everyday any member can access the "what's hot" section and vote which members are the hottest. At the end of the day, that member is rewarded with a featured spot on the "who's hot" list.

  • Video: Close to 20,000 accessible webcam shows and adult videos for paid members

  • My Stuff: This is a helpful feature that gives you an activity log of recent interactions you have had.

7. MarriedSecret

MarriedSecret is a dating site that guarantees complete confidentiality and secrecy. It takes a bold and unconventional stance on the topic of affairs and dating. The website is specifically designed for individuals who are in committed relationships but feel neglected, lonely, bored, or unappreciated.

It aims to provide a platform where they can connect with like-minded people and engage in discreet conversations and meetings without fear of exposure. The site ensures that your love affairs remain confidential and hidden from prying eyes.


  • One of the only dating sites with an equal ratio of male and female users

  • Could be both a pro and a con: there is a strict policy on restricting all nude photos.

  • Swinger couples are welcome

  • Signing up takes only minutes


  • Sub-par search filters

  • Still up and coming so there is not much activity on the site

  • Isn't as discreet as comparable sites

  • Quite a few ads


  • 1 month- $49.95

  • 3 months- $79.95 ($26.65 per month)

  • 6 months- $119.95 ($19.99per month)

Free Features:

  • Winks

  • Block members

  • In-depth profile creation

Paid Membership Features:

  • Private photos

  • See who has visited your profile

  • Send and receive video and audio chats

Highlight Features:

  • Double-Blind: Both users are provided a 1-800 number and an access code for a private blind date over the phone.

  • Note Tracking: When you 'bookmark' another member's profile, you have the option to write a note to help you remember what exactly it is about the user that piqued your interest

8. Gleeden

Visit Gleeden

Own, built, and ran 100% by women and best one of affair sites for open-minded married women and men. With an active user base of over 2 million individuals, Gleeden operates using a credit-based system and not tie you into commitment. This allows you to spend as little or as much as you choose, depending on your activity level. The site boasts of genuine members, with additional features to help users express their interest and initiate conversations.

Unlike many other affair dating websites, there are very few fake profiles on this platform. While this may mean that there are fewer photos available or that the quality of photos is not always high, it also means that if you do connect with a paying member who is online, it is more likely that they are interested in you as a person rather than just your bank account.


  • Women join completely free

  • Constant moderation to keep the site safe and fun to use

  • No expensive monthly subscriptions to commit to.


  • Men are expected to pay for every feature

  • No video chat feature

  • Lacks many fun and advanced features that are available on similar sites.


  • 25 credits – $14.99 0.59 USD / Credit

  • 100 credits – $39.99 0.43 USD / Credit

  • 400 credits – $99.99 0.25 USD / Credit

  • 1 credit - Per private album request

  • 2 credits - Per private album access

  • 3 credits - Per message read and per message replied

  • 4 credits - Per chat initiation

  • 5 credits - Send the first message

Free Features:

  • Create and edit your profile at anytime

  • Send crush alerts

  • Browse everyone’s profile

Paid Membership Features:

  • View member's private photos

  • Message members using credits

  • Send gifts to other members

Highlight Features:

  • Crush Alert: If you are low on credits, you can still show your interest in other members. Send them a ‘Crush Alert’ and they will get notified right away.

  • Private Book: This is your secret album of photos that you can give other users access to.

  • Gleeden News: This is a newsfeed that members can display their information, fun news happenings in the area, and content

  • Panic Button and Shake to Exit: These are features that come in handy when you need them. Hit the button or shake your phone when using the mobile app and you will immediately be redirected to a random, but very believable and safe, affair website.

9. NoStringsAttached

NoStringsAttached is a cheating and affair site that caters to married singles seeking extramarital affairs. The site's members are not hesitant in flaunting their bodies and have the option to showcase themselves or view live performances from other members and models. While not all members are interested in engaging with married individuals, the primary objective of the site is to find sexual partners or relationships with the understanding that discretion is key.

Although they prioritize privacy, members are quite open about their physical appearance and a simple search will reveal that the site is abundant with attractive individuals who are comfortable with nudity. Profiles can be completed by all members and they can upload pictures, including explicit ones if they desire.


  • A larger male audience

  • Watch live cams

  • Precise location matching

  • Video chatting

  • Close to instant signup process


  • Does not require a photo ID to be verified

  • Navigating the site is complex

  • Excessive amount of fake profiles


  • 1 month – $29.99

  • 3 months – $59.95 ($19.99 per month)

  • 12 months – $150 ($12.50 per month)

Free Features:

  • Search for members

  • Access public videos

  • Swithc your account to private

  • Flirt

  • Add members to your 'hotlist'

  • Rate other members photos

Paid Membership Features:

  • Send and receive all messages

  • View 'model's' webcams

  • Highlight/feature your profile

  • View all profile information

Highlight Features:

  • Open the Door: You are required to have a paid membership to use this feature. This allows free members to contact you via message at no cost.

  • Private Privilege: As a free member, your profile needs to receive enough attention within 3 days for you to be granted his feature. This gives you access to many of the paid membership activities. Engaging in chat rooms, scrolling through message boards and responding to all of your messages.

10. FirstAffair

A European online site for affairs. Most of the user base comes from Germany. First Affairs is a discreet online platform that allows you to search for singles or couples based on your sexual preferences. The site also features a "verified member" tool which allows users to confirm their authenticity, reducing the likelihood of encountering fake profiles.

Although it has a strong European presence, members from all over the world are welcome to join. Signing up is a simple process, and users have the option to provide additional information about their sexual preferences and relationship goals to enhance their search results.


  • Very clean and easy-to-use website

  • Not overloaded with nude images or ads

  • You can zoom on smaller images


  • Users are mainly located around Europe

  • Only accessible on a desktop

  • All profiles are set to public (free users)


  • 3-day trial version is $2.97

  • 1 Month – $35.96

  • 3 Months – $50.37

  • 6 Months – $86.34

  • 12 Months – $129.48

Free Features:

For the most part, everything you need to access is available for free. Creating a profile, uploading images, add users to your favorite’s list, and view the last 5 users that visit your profile.

Paid Membership Features:

For the membership price, it isn’t all to clear what is offered to you. The affair site offers a ‘priority member’ option that you can purchase and have your profile highlighted. Many male members purchase a ‘verified member’ package in order to display that they are a real person! Also narrowing down your search, seeing local profiles, and accessing multiple features at once can be a good reason for the membership option.

FAQs about Affair Sites

1. Why Should I Find an Affair by Using Online Affair Sites?

Using online affair sites to find an affair can offer several advantages compared to traditional methods of meeting open-minded partners. Some reasons to consider using cheating and affair sites include:

Anonymity: Online affair sites allow you to maintain a level of anonymity by using a discreet username and not sharing personal information. This can help protect your identity and reduce the risk of being discovered by your spouse, friends, or family members.

Convenience: The most of affair sites provide a convenient way to search for potential partners from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go. You can browse profiles, send messages, and interact with others at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Targeted audience: Affair sites specifically cater to married people seeking extramarital relationships, which means you're more likely to find like-minded people who share your interests and understand the need for discretion.

Variety: These sites offer a vast pool of potential partners from different backgrounds, locations, and preferences, increasing the chances of finding someone compatible with your desires and expectations.

Control: You have control over your interactions on affair sites, allowing you to set boundaries, communicate your preferences, and choose who you engage with. This can help ensure a more satisfying and comfortable experience.

Safety: Online platforms offer a degree of safety by allowing you to get to know potential partners before meeting in person. You can assess compatibility, look for red flags, and establish trust through online communication before deciding to take things further.

No strings attached: Many people on affair sites are looking for casual, no-strings-attached relationships, which can be ideal if you're seeking a short-term connection without disrupting your current relationship.

Cost-effective: Online affair sites often provide a more cost-effective way to meet potential partners compared to traditional dating methods, such as going out to bars or clubs.

2. What Kind of People Are on Top Affair Sites?

Married but Looking: Many users on affair sites are married or in committed relationships, looking for excitement, passion, or emotional connection outside their current partnership.

Singles: Some single individuals join affair sites because they are attracted to the idea of a casual, no-strings-attached relationship with someone who is already committed, or they may prefer the discretion and anonymity these sites offer.

People seeking specific experiences: Some users may have particular fantasies, fetishes, or desires that they want to explore discreetly with a willing partner.

Those in open relationships: Couples in open or polyamorous relationships may join affair sites to find additional partners or explore their interests with others who share a similar mindset.

Individuals experiencing a midlife crisis: People going through a midlife crisis or feeling unsatisfied with their current life situation might seek out an affair as a way to experience excitement and rejuvenation.

Curious explorers: Some people join affair sites out of curiosity or to test the waters, without necessarily intending to engage in an extramarital relationship.

Travelers or business professionals: Individuals who travel frequently for work or pleasure may use affair sites to find casual encounters or companionship in different locations. Quite a few affair sites have features specifically catered to travelers.

3. How Do I Stay Discreet on These Affair Sites?

It’s pretty standard to want to be discreet when creating an online affair dating profile to maintain your privacy and avoid jeopardizing your current relationship. Here are some tips to help you stay discreet:

Choose an inconspicuous username: Avoid using your real name, nickname, or any identifiable information as your username. Instead, choose something neutral and unrelated to your personal life.

Use a separate email address: Create a new one specifically for your affair dating profile. This will help you keep your personal and affair-related communications separate and reduce the risk of accidental exposure.

Avoid sharing personal details: Do not share your full name, address, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information on your profile. Be cautious about sharing specific details about your job, hobbies, and social circles that could reveal your identity.

Be cautious with photos: Avoid using photos that can be easily linked to your social media profiles or other online presence. Consider using images without your face or use photo editing tools to blur or crop your face out of the picture.

Utilize privacy settings: Most dating sites offer privacy settings to control who can view your profile and how much information is visible. Make sure to enable these settings and limit access to your profile.

Be mindful of your digital footprint: Clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache regularly to reduce the chances of someone discovering your online activities. Consider using incognito or private browsing mode when accessing the dating site.

Communicate securely: Use secure messaging apps or platforms with end-to-end encryption to communicate with potential partners. Avoid using your personal phone number or social media accounts for communication.

Be cautious with location sharing: Avoid using location-based features on affair sites or sharing specific details about your whereabouts that could reveal your identity or location.

Trust your instincts: If something feels off about a potential partner or situation, trust your instincts and take a step back. Be cautious about sharing personal information or meeting someone in person until you feel comfortable and confident in their intentions.

4. Is it Worth Getting a Paid Membership?

You get what you pay for. When it comes to these affair dating sites, men don't have it as easy on the wallet as women do. Online affair sites like Ashley Madison and Gleeden allow women to sign up and access premium features for free!

If you are just trying out these sites to see if the vibes are right for you, make a free user profile! So, what is 'so special' about premium memberships?

For female users, if a guy has a paid membership:

  • You know that this married man is serious

  • These affair sites are NOT cheap for male users

  • Premium members usually have to go through a verification process with their photo being identified with a seperate photo that is specifically custom to the dating site.

  • Premium members are more likely to initiate a conversation instead of filling up your notifications with their free 'likes', wink's, and favorites.

For male users with a paid membership:

  • You get access to filters that narrow your match results to the perfect members.

  • Sites like Ashley Madison allow you to change your location if you travel a lot for work. Free memberships tend to only let you pick one location.

  • View live cams

  • Access other users' private photo albums

  • Is your identity important enough to hide? A paid membership feature allows you to blur out your face in your photos.

  • A free membership restricts you from viewing someone's full profile. This can lead to a lot of important information being left out.

Final Thoughts

With these 10 cheating and affair sites for married people in 2023, it is fair to say that these niche sites aren’t going anywhere. It is becoming more socialy acceptable to be out about your sexuality. If you are in a relationship and want to find an affair to explore feelings and passion, there are top safe and discreet affair sites for you to fulfill your pleasures without causing anyone problems, also keep your marriage happy.

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