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Erotic Monkey Review & 10+ Erotic Sites [Alternatives]

If you are looking for fun with no strings attached, then Erotic monkey is where you should check in.

Erotic monkey is a reserved website that informs you about escort sites, escort reviews, etc.

Visiting erotic monkey, you get to learn about sites where you can get a chance to meet with someone either for fun or even for a serious relationship.

This website is very famous for being the best in reviewing and rating escort sites. The page does an in-depth review allowing anyone interested in escorts to have quality information.

Going through their web page, you will understand why this page is preferred to others. They have done comprehensive reviews that even beginners find easy to understand everything about escort sites.

If you are looking for girls near you, you can easily find them on the erotic monkey page. Girls of every form of beauty and in ways that you like them or men with whom you would want within a fifty miles radius you can find. It is true to say that erotic monkey is like a google map or. Helping you reach your desired partner.

The Cost of Erotic Monkey

Being active on the site's page allows you to access information about the girls, including reviews. These services are offered at quite a pocket-friendly price.

The website is very competent and delivers quality services. You can choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. There is also a friendly one which is a subscription per quarter a year.

You can pay two hundred and seventy-nine dollars for a year or one hundred dollars for two months, or you could settle for the one where you pay two hundred dollars for a quarter a year.

The prices above are only for the reviews about the girls. The price for meeting a girl or a sex partner is free of charge. No fee will be charged to you to meet up with a partner. Isn't that a good deal? Erotic monkey is considerate of you.

Features of erotic monkey

The website has the following functions and features;

Search bar. The site has a search bar that allows you to search by name, phone number, state, or even city. There is also an advanced search button where you can search for a sex partner or a life partner through personalized choices, e.g., age, body type, breast, and ass type, height, and weight, whether they smoke or drink. Anything that you feel is essential for a partner to have or not have you can search through the advanced search button.

The menu bar that has;

  • Add an escort if you see an escort that you would want to add, then you click on this button

  • Blog – Here are blog posts with articles on escorts and reviews

  • Forum

  • Escorts

  • Erotic massage

  • My account – under this, there is the login button and the log-out button. The heading has a control that suggests free sign-up.

If you are in a public place, at work, at home, or somewhere you would be uncomfortable logging into the site, but you want to browse, you don't have to worry. At the top of the web, that is the header.

There is a button that gives you the option of safe browsing. In the safe mode, the pictures are switched by a logo that can change.

Using the erotic monkey site is easy, and anyone interested can use it.

How to Avoid Being Duped on Erotic Monkey

Once in a while, you will see some red flags on the site. When the girl has put only one photo of herself. One image only signifies that this girl is fake or not as beautiful as she wants to seem on the website. It would be very devastating for you to expect a nine or eight girl only for you to meet her and realize she is a struggling three. However, this rarely happens.

Once you become an active member and see reviews and see posts on forums, you will have time to find the kind of girl you want.

Pros and Cons of Erotic Monkey

With every good thing, some advantages and disadvantages come with it. Erotic monkey is not an exception. It has very great features and excellent design for many sexually attractive women who are willing to have fun for only one night- of course, at a price. Even so, it has its share of cons.

The following are the pros and cons:


· The site is resplendently designed

· Several recordings on the girls

· Has an advanced search where you can personalize the kind of girl you want

· Comprehensive reviews on the girls

· Numerous characteristics of the girls

· Free sign up

· The practice is safe

· Easy to use

· It has a safe mode for when one is in a public place and wants to browse the site.


· It is costly to get the reviews

· There is no means to contact the girls directly

· There is the possibility of falling for a fake or meeting someone you did not expect

Alternative Erotic Sites You May Consider

1. AdultFriendFinder

This site is also known as AFF. It is widely known worldwide as the fastest and best way to get a hookup or connect with an escort. They have an advanced search of millions of members with whom they keep updating.

There is a possibility of scammers and hoax profiles. Therefore, it is essential to be alert so that you do not get scammed. Be cautious with the person you are interacting and flirting with to not be catfished.

This website has a premium monthly fee that unlocks much more fun and elevates your experience with the site and the escorts. It becomes easy and fast to hook up for a one-night stand or in-depth fun.


  • It is fast to get a hookup

  • It has a large number of members, making it easy to hook up

  • Well known all over the globe


  • Less security

  • You may land on a scam

2. Escort Directory

Escort Directory is fast in getting girls and escort services. It has a modern design and is not complicated.

This website is the best if you are looking for natural recordings of escorts. The girls on this website are not only beautiful and gorgeous but are very open to satisfy any of your needs.

The website also offers reviews for the girls.


  • Has a good number of girls and trans genders

  • It is a fast and convenient site

  • It has exhilarating features


  • It is primarily for transgender people'

  • There are not so many escorts

  • The site has adverts


This site is among the famous ones. It connects with people who want to talk and want to have some fun on the internet.

It has an advanced search menu, and with the millions of members registered, you can find any escort of your preference.

It has both a free package and a premium package


  • One can access the site on their mobile phone

  • Records of information on private users are available


  • Users with the free package have limited access

4. Adult Search

It is also among the famous sites, and it is straightforward to get a girl or escort here


  • The girls on the site are gorgeous

  • Famous to a good number of adults

  • Easily accessible worldwide


  • The existing fake profiles can scam one

  • Few browsing features

  • Some cities do not have available recordings

5. Escort News

There are readily available escorts on this website who are willing to be paid and service you sexually and exceptionally. It is well known for having fabulous girls and a famous trademark.


  • Attractive girls from Europe

  • Available in all cities in Europe

  • Personal information is screened to avoid fake profiles


  • Only available to people living in Europe

  • The website has adverts now and then

  • It has costly fees

6. Bed page

This website contains all sorts of adverts, it is accessible to the globe, and you can find many attractive escorts.


  • It is available in many cities

  • Profile information of its members is screened


  • It does not have a browser

  • Ads appear once in a while

7. Eros Guide

This website is found worldwide. It connects you to beautiful escorts who give you a fun time and out-of-the-world sex.


  • There are records of happy ending massages

  • Unlimited profile gallery


  • Spam reviews and adverts on the website

  • It has a modest-looking design

8. Slixa

Slixa has gorgeous escorts and focuses mainly on American cities.


  • Their views have famous porn stars who show up irregularly

  • Pleasant design


  • There are a limited number of escorts

  • No reviews

  • Adverts show up from time to time on the website

9. Skip the game

This site connects fast to mobiles. It has stunning escorts and is protective of its members


  • Beautiful escorts worldwide

  • Fast

  • No adverts


  • No advanced search

  • There are no filters that fit

10. Tinder

Tinder is famous and delivers on its promise of connecting you to several partners that are willing.

For a better experience, you can pay for premium. Tinder Gold starts at $29.99, while Tinder plus starts at $19.99 per month. The price drops as you commit with time.


  • It is straightforward and modern

  • It has a basic app that is free to use

  • There's a video chat feature


  • Many ways to spend money

  • One can easily be scammed if they are not careful

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