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Best Dating Site for Couples Looking For A Third

Updated: May 2, 2023

It is not a new thing anymore that some couples engage in open relationships and marriages. Gone are the days when couple dating sites were hidden and even considered a big taboo to people practising them. Practising open relationships enables couples to meet new persons together. These people must also share the same goal, interest and other characteristics. Nowadays, to meet their third, it is mainly done through online applications and websites, known as hook up sites or dating sites.

If you search for couples dating sites that help couples look for a third, below are our highest ranking top picks. These dating sites for couples can help couples to find a third woman or man into threesome, swingers and other fun hookup.

This is one of the common hookup sites on the internet. Adultfriendfinder was founded in 1996, and as of now, 2021, it has over one hundred and four million profiles. This platform is indeed one of the biggest nontraditional sites or swinging platforms in the hookup industry. It can be used by both adult couples and young single people of any age, identity or race.

Unlike most other apps, you are open to more freedom. But you have to keep it at the back of your mind that this platform isn't suitable for any serious venture. They are strictly casual and petty. If you are looking for a third as a couple, this site is for you. Your intents don’t matter, really, as long as they are to satisfy sexual urges and cravings. Whether for an excellent sex encounter or a casual fling, AdultFriendFinder is undoubtedly your best bet.

You may register your profile on AdultFriendFinder as either a single person, a singer, a group or a polyamorous sexual pair. This site also features a blog site, tools, groups and community forums that are welcoming and free to join. AdultFriendFinder has a lot of freebies and benefits, but not all are available for free. Actions like posting blog posts, reading blog posts are free, but for other incentives other than this, you will need to pay.

2)    Bicupid

Bicupid is the first and the largest site for couples who are looking for a third. Its security is exemplary and commendable, plus the services and incentives they offer are also efficient and valuable for both bi couples and bi singles. If you are a couple looking for a third, bicupid is here for you. It accommodates different varieties of sexualities in the world. Whether you are part of the LGBTG group or BDSM singles, this site will accommodate you. Also, if you are a lesbian, straight, gay or an LGBT group, you will indeed find solace here. The uniqueness that lies with using bicupid is that users share one thing in common, and that is their bisexual romantic nature.

Bicupid has different "bi" options. They range from bisexual singles to bisexual dating, trans users etc. Bicupid is no doubt the no.1 bisexual site. It is on our list because they also attend to the needs of couples for a look for a third.

3)  Ashley Madison


For a dating platform that priorities married couples, Ashley Madison will surely be among the top-ranking websites. It enables you to have different sexual affairs to your satisfaction. It is a good site for couples looking for thirds as well. To access this feature of getting a third, all that had to be done was reach those who weren't interested in a normal relationship. This type of case requires no strings attached, not even a normal relationship.

Another option is to put this information in your bio or mention it during your first conversations with your match people. You can drip a proper explanation of you preferring swinging to cheating. This will make things easier for you. On this site, you can also request a casual relationship.

4)   SwapFinder

If you are trying to spice things up as a couple, looking for a third swap finder is undoubtedly your best bet. Swapfinder enables you to do a hookup fast as long as they have to do with sexual desire satisfaction. This dating site is the surest bet for couples who are in search of something casual. A couple can pick a girl as their third, by selecting her as their dating partner. Seapfinder is the best for caudal hookups because you do not want the third to become an item in the relationship, so after the sexual deal is done, each party parts ways. The incentives on this site are relatively cheap compared with other dating sites, so signing up on any of their membership deals wouldn't be a big deal. The longer your membership period, the lower the amount you will have to pay.



You can demand a third as a couple on as well. This website application seems to be more focused on linking couples and thirds together. Because it is a website application, you do not have to go through the rigour of downloading any item on your computer system. You get to send and receive messages sent to you every day and efficiently as well. It works perfectly well for any gender, identity, race or age. Be assured that you will enjoy maximum secrecy, privacy, and different enjoyable live streaming sessions on this app. Because they have widespread members and users, you can get to find someone staying not far away from you to hook up with.

5)    FriendFinder-X


FriendFinder-x is a site that helps to connect different people from different parts of the world together. This is available for those interested in casual dating and temporal hookups. Whether you are married or single, it doesn't matter on this app. Members may view explicit photos and videos, erotic content and live webcams as well. You can have a sex chat or video chat. It all depends on your preference. FriendFinder-x also is beneficial for both males and females looking forward to casual friendships. You can check around, reply to members without having to pay a dime. You do not need a credit card. If you are in dire search of a third, as a couple, this site might be your long lost best friend.

6)    Feeld


Feeld is one of the best dating sites for couples to pick from a range of non-monogamous dating websites. It was formerly referred to as 3nder. According to their users, this site is a good location for couples looking forward to exploring dating beyond what everybody refers to as normalcy. This is a sure option for couples who are in search of a third in their relationship. Feeld offers you peace of mind. The first thing you do on the site is open an account and appropriately fill in your profile.

There can be a link between a couple, and they're third. This helps to beautify your portfolio for people who are interested in checking out your profile. You can also make an upload of your pictures, gender, hobbies and expectations on your profile as well. There are many options at your disposal, and you are free to choose which one works best for you and your partner as a couple. You can also control the type of account you wish to see online, especially in gender, sexuality and sexuality experience. One unique feature of feeld is that it accommodates all the diversity of sexuality, which is commendable.

7)   3Hook

Some advantages of hook up couples dating site is that your site is well established, and you are free to report any scam profile without having to pay a dime. Also, you can enjoy all live chat sessions, and you are at liberty to set your profile to private if that is what you are comfortable with. This site doesn't have an application yet, and you cannot make an anonymous payment. One unique feature about this dating website is that there is no form of discrimination, especially in gender and age. You can search for a partner by using more specific search criteria, and once you are online, it shows this to the other person trying to chat you up.

Also, this site has a feature of group chatting. This enables you to chat with other members who are in the same group chat with you. You can also decide to invite others to your group and activate a private chatting mode with anybody in the group. This site is also a good option for couples who are in search of a third.


It doesn't matter so much whether you are a swinger or you are polyamorous, or couples seeking a woman. The different hookup and dating sites for couples who are interested in getting a third are becoming popular than before. Threesomes and sexual hooking up still have a way to get accepted as a regular thing in reality. Same as casual sexual hookups and encounters as well. But this is not the case on these dating applications and hookup sites. They are acceptable and seen as tractions

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