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7 Effective Ways to Attract a Transgender Woman

The concept of dating a transgender woman remains a distant thought for a percentage of straight men. For them, being attracted to a transgender woman is the same as being homosexual. However, some men find it okay to date a transgender woman. They are open enough to enable themselves to establish a genuine affection with an attractive woman regardless of the gender she was born with. These men appreciate transgender women for who they are and even visit transgender dating sites looking to meet a local trans woman. These tips will guide you on effective ways to attract a transgender woman and ensure a happy relationship.

1. Compliments

If you like a particular transgender woman and would like to get her attention, one of the effective ways to do so is starting to give her compliments. An honest compliment will surely impress a transgender woman. A well-meant compliment gives a sense of affirmation on how you feel about her and is also important for how she feels like a woman. Transgender women love compliments because they have lots of insecurities, and if they get compliments, it makes them proud and boosts their confidence. Even if you are just chatting, ensure you include a few compliments to your partner to get things moving. If you like her very much, you have to tell her. There is nothing wrong with telling someone that you like them, and it will also improve your chance of getting a positive answer.

2. Have A Good Plan

After meeting a transgender woman from a dating site and wooed them into meeting for a date, having a good plan for the first date will go a long way in attracting them to go for a second date or join you in bed. Trans women love men who take the lead and are well-organized; hence being namby-pamby with your plans can be a total turn off. Because you have already chatted with her on the dating site, it is essential to plan and be creative in organizing something linked to her interests. Going for a date and engaging in activities she enjoys will most likely impress her.

3. Maintain Punctuality

Even if this may sound obvious, several men still get late on their first date. A transgender woman or not, showing up late for a date will never impress any woman. Show that you value her time and are longing to be with her by being prepared and punctual.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Affection

For many men, the idea of holding hands with a transgender woman when walking down the street or kissing a trans woman might feel like a secret they do not want to expose in public. However, you should ask yourself whether you would have a similar problem displaying affection in public with a cis woman. Transgender women are no less than cis women. As such, you should treat her with care, affection, and respect, similar to other women. There is nothing more attractive than a man who is comfortable enough to show courteous affection to his date in whatever place. Showing that you don't care about what other people think about dating a transgender woman is a sign of sexual and personal confidence, which is very attractive to transgender women.

5. Remain Trans-Sensitive And Show Her Respect

It is essential to cherish and respect a transgender woman like you would with a cis woman. Also, one way to keep a transgender woman interested in you is remaining gender-sensitive. You are on a date, so you should save sensitive gender related topic for another time. Also, it is essential not to assume particular things when it comes to a trans woman. Ask them what pronouns you should use, she/he if you are in doubt, and ensure they are comfortable before escalating physically with them. This way, you will avoid using an insensitive word or insulting such as she-male, tranny, shim, him/her, or it. These words are very desensitizing to transgender people and should not appear anywhere close when dating a transsexual woman.

6. Be a Gentleman

Like when dating a cis woman, you have to be a gentleman to attract a transwoman. You need to be properly behaved and carry yourself like a gentleman if you want to catch her attention and win her affections. Not only do you need to be courteous and polite to her, but you also need to extend the same behavior to everyone else you come across on your date, including other guests and service people. Also, transgender women find it attractive to have a man who can pay the bills. You should hence be a gentleman and pay for the first date. This will give her a good first-time impression of you. However, you can share the budget of subsequent dates in the best way that suits you and your partner.

7. Ensure Trans Girls Are Comfortable With Intimacy

Is transwoman ready to be intimate with you? When dating a transwoman, it is essential to determine what might or might not cause them to feel upset. There is a time and place for everything, so you should know when necessary or appropriate to get into the deeply personal topic about genitals or intimacy. Most trans women are aware of the fetishists out there who are only looking forward to finding out what it’s like to have sex with them. If you are going on board on a relationship with a transwoman, you should wait for the right time before getting intimate. The probability is that she will introduce the conversation with you even before things get steamy.


Alright, here are your seven effective ways to attract a transgender woman. Dating a transgender woman is just like dating anyone else. Finding a transgender woman desirable or attractive and interested in transsexual dating does not mean that you have to be gay. Trans women are women, so you are attracted to women if you are attracted to Trans women. Keep that in mind, treat transgender women with empathy as you would with anyone else, and you should be fine. That is all you need to know!

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Wanderlust Trevor
Wanderlust Trevor
Oct 01, 2021

Thanks foor sharing this

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